There is a runoff election that determines the fate of the biden presidency.

During the 2020 presidential election, which I carefully drank PB and waited days to see through to the end on CNN, it was quickly revealed that the balance of power in the Senate was at stake. At stake at none other than where the results were most eye-opening, the state of Georgia.

Some basic rules of government to keep you up on. For a bill to pass, the house needs to come up with something and get a majority vote. Then it goes to the senate which requires a majority vote, then to the president who needs to sign off on it.

If a bill fails in the house, its dead. If a bill fails in the senate, it’s dead. If a bill doesn’t get the presidential seal of approval (called a veto) the Senate can overturn a veto with a 2/3rds supermajority in BOTH the house and senate.

So what’s the big deal with Georgia, due to the narrow margins in both races, both races were called to runoff elections. Runoffs take place when the outcome of multiple candidates running come between a narrow margin between 2 candidates. It’s basically an added step in an election like when democrats and republicans vote on who to play dodgeball with each other.

And why does this matter for democratic-leaning voters? If any one of the two senatorial races in Georgia are lost to republicans, the republican senate majority will block all democratic bills passed in the house leaving president-elect biden with nothing to ever sign off on.

Could Biden enact his presidential powers to pass bills regardless if republicans block it in the senate? To the best of my knowledge, sure, but that would only be viewed as authoritarian at the least and unconstitutional at best.

With enough information provided, it would now make sense why Andrew Yang moved his entire family to georgia to help campaign for the candidates Reverend Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

Yang has received widespread criticism for moving to georgia to basically vote there. While there is no length of residency requirement to vote in georgia, it is against the law to vote in multiple states for the same election cycle. IDK this to be sure off the top of my head but I can safely say that if this rule wasn’t enforced that we would already know it by now.

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