Andrew Yang is not alone.

You heard that right. Andrew Yang is not the only Politician who supports Universal Basic Income.

Earlier this year he started a nonprofit called Humanity Forward which promotes Universal Basic Income to all levels of government in the USA.

I can’t give a solid number, but Humanity Forward has endorsed probably around 50 different candidates.

You’d be surprised to find out one of those candidates actually visited UW-Whitewater a few years back. He is a two-time US House of Representatives candidate for Wisconsin’s 5th congressional district, Tom Palzewicz.

Unfortunately, as most democrats perform in rural areas of the country, he lost both elections, first to longtime incumbent Jim Sensenbrenner and then to Scott Fitzgerald, who was Wisconsin’s local 15th district senator for 25 years before being elected to the US House of Representatives.

Tom Palzewicz’s endorsement from Humanity Forward came following his expressed interest into being open to the idea of Universal Basic Income, a trend many local politicians around the country have started to understand better.

Unfortunately, UBI has the stigma of being called a “handout”, thus being labeled as money for homeless people without jobs. The reality is that politicians are starting to realize that there is no other path forward than for the government to directly bail out the people like it did back in March.

Recently in the news, a bipartisan group of US Senators have lobbied for a 900+billion dollar stimulus check aimed at helping small businesses.

Andrew Yang was quick to criticize that the proposed bill does not include direct cash relief to the American people. In that regard, he is right. Small businesses, and the American People are two different things.

In a recent interview with CNN, Andrew Yang has pointed out the obvious, the biggest thing standing in the middle of the government providing relief to the people is politics.

Andrew also talks about my next blog which is about his involvement in the Georgia senate runoff.

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