Nov 22 2017

How I Traveled To Disney On A Budget

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When I think of my childhood I think of polly pockets and Disney movies. That being said, you can imagine my excitement when my friends and I planned a trip to Disney World in Florida for spring break this past year.

I was estatic.

My first thoughts were to spend all of the money in the world, this was the first time I was going to Disney and would actually be over the age of 4, I needed to take advantage. At first, we figured we’d stay at a resort, but the moment we looked up the prices we decided that was out of the books for us broke college students.

Today, I wanted to give you a story time of my trip to Disney and how I managed to save money in different ways.

First was flight money, an easy no brainer on how to save money since I had done it so many times before. If you haven’t already, you can read my other article titled How To Keep Airfare Low and find out all of my tips and tricks.

After we had that figured out we moved onto where we were going to live. We ended up being able to stay at one of our friends houses that was coming to Disney with us, which saved us hundreds of dollars. Sure, it might have been a forty minute drive to Disney, but I’d take that over the money it’d cost to stay in a hotel for four nights.

Next was Disney, sure we wanted to go to every single park but at the end of the day we realized we wouldn’t have enough money or time so we choose one park. The best bang for our buck was always going to be Magic Kingdom and looking back at it now, I’m very happy we decided on one park, not only for my bank account, but because we needed that full day for the one park.

I had saved over $100 on our flight, $500 on our hotel, and over $100 on our trip to Disney. The great thing about how much money we saved was that I felt OK splurging a bit on other activities we did in Orlando.

Saving all of this money was in ways that didn’t hinder my experience and that’s the way I always encourage you to approach saving money on. Prioritizing your activities and what you want to do for each trip is a great idea but also know that if you save money the right way that will give you more opportunities to visit again instead of doing everything in two days, leaving, and never going back.

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