Oct 15 2017

Traveling 101: How To Save Up Money Before A Trip

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Being in college means that money is a constant problem. I know I wish it fell from the sky whenever I was in need, but unfortunately that’s not the case (that doesn’t mean I’m not still dreaming about it every night).

I’ve been going on trips to cities and states for a few years now and everything I went on was funded by me, myself, and I. My parents didn’t offer to pay for any of the crazy ideas I had so that left it all up to me to save money.

There are tons of little tricks I learned when I was saving money throughout the years and they actually worked. Here they are

1. Track your budget

It can be hard to get into this habit sometimes, but trust me, the moment you start budgeting your money into certain sections you know how much you have.

2. Get a job 

The most obvious of them all but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t do this.

3. Save money from special occasions  

All of that birthday money you’re getting? Yeah, put it aside and you’ll be cheering when you go on your next trip.

4. Reduce unnecessary spending 

Did you really need that cute glittery iPhone case? Or that pair of heels that you’ll probably only ever wear once in your life? No, so put that money to the side for a trip that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

5. Save your change 

When I say it works I mean IT WORKS!! You wouldn’t believe how much money I’ve save up from filling up a jar full of my extra change. It adds up.

6. Sell old trinkets 

Now, this isn’t for everyone but it’s something I’ve found can help. If you have clothes you don’t wear anymore take use of shops like PoshMark and you can roll that money in.

It’s quite simple once you become aware of the habits you’ve created when it comes to money. For me, my biggest money saver was saving change but it’s different for everyone. I hope some of these have helped you.

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