My Fireteam

As a warlock I have spent many a day studying the secrets and knowledge our world has to offer, but there are some lessons that can’t be learned from books. When I was young I always thought warlocks were the type to lock themselves away with their books like the Cryptarchs, I trained for months to become a hunter before I learned my place was elsewhere. Ikora taught me what it means to be a warlock, that we are not just lore seekers or reclusive, that we are warriors of the light and can be just as cunning as any hunter and as strong as any titan. I learned that true power lies in knowledge, understanding, that power is channeled, not controlled, and that each discovery offers new possibilities, something all guardians should know. I wasn’t like the others, I preferred to learn in the field rather than my readings, Ikora quickly took notices of this and when I thought she was going to scold me, she praised me saying “its not every day you see a student willing to break the rules in pursuit of further experience, you are part of the few who posses the core instinct to master the unknown. In your time outside the city’s walls you have learned that through true failure comes true understanding, but you must learn how to find that balance between godhood and madness…. Therefore, I am raising you to be my personal apprentice.” Ikora taught me well, how to charge a sword with solar and set the sky ablaze, how to find harmony within and channel the storm, to pull power from the void itself and unleash it on my enemies. However, there are some things that can’t be taught, and it wasn’t until I almost lost everything that I learned one of the most valuable lessons.

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The curse of Osiris

A good Friend has something to say

Hello fellow guardians, we are going to be doing things a bit differently this entry, Names’ Antarah, Mirra is a good friend of mine, a fellow fireteam member and one of few warlocks I have respect for. I give her credit she understands how things work better than most, but I’m here to set things straight for the rest of you.

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“What does it mean to be a Hunter? I say, it’s all about where you belong. The Warlocks have their libraries, the Titans have their walls…But Hunters belong in the wilds.”
—Cayde-6 hunter vangaurd



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Io, the first moon of Jupiter, was the last place visited by The Traveler, and the site of great interest to both humanity and the timeless Vex machines. The Red Legion, too, now seek to unravel the secrets and power of this place, gouging at the surface, seeking to uncover new sources of power to aid in their quest to dominate our worlds. It is up to us to protect this place, and preserve its great legacy. In the final days of the Golden Age the Traveler was in the midst of terraforming Io when it detected the Darkness approaching and abandoned the moon as it fled to Earth. As a result of this, the Ionian climate and geography do not support traditional agriculture, meaning that some remnant of Io’s original atmospheric composition prevented the full growth of plants. Echo Mesa, a mountain on Io, has become a popular pilgrimage site for Guardians, and considered sacred to warlocks due to it overlooking the Mesa, a crater where the Traveler left behind a mysterious city-like structure.


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Mercury was transformation into a garden world by the Traveler and inhabited by humanity during the Golden Age, but come the Collapse, the Vex undid this transformation and completely changed Mercury into a Machine World within days of their arrival.



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“Such courage and power—the greatest ever to grace these worlds. You bring all of us peace, we will light the final flare, Devil Red. They will all know what you’ve done.” —The Speaker


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Faction rally winner

Over the past week loyal guardians have been working hard to promote their factions and secure resources but only one came out on time.

Congratulations to….

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The Eververse Company


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Faction Rally


The time has come for the second official faction rally, last time Dead Orbit took the win but now we are back on fair ground. I personally have never been one to follow the ideas of factions because I believe there is more than one static explanation or a “right” way to go about division of influences in the city, but I have found myself backing New Monarchy  more often than not. I do not 100% agree with their ideals but after they signed a contracted with the Hakke company the weapons and gear they have up for grabs is top tear. I know, I know, backing a faction for their gear vs their ideas isn’t how it should work but thats the entire point to these rallies, recruitment. After years the factions realized they would have to step up their games, its not about ideas its about resources and support in numbers and by offering better gear to guardians and a “grand prize” weapon to the factions followers if that factions wins. It’s the oldest marketing ploy in the books and there is a reason its still around, because it works, so good luck guardians and may the best faction win.

gear posted below

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