2017 Nail Trends

Spring is the time of year to revamp your wardrobe and start introducing some fresh new trends. The easiest way to start doing this is through your nails! The traditional pastel hues is always a safe bet if you can’t decide what to do with them but I’m going to share some new colors and designs that I’ve started to see popping up.

black stripe nails

This trend of minimalism is going to be seen quite a bit this spring as the concept has been working it’s way into fashion over the past year or so. The simple black design is a great contrast to the expected light and pretty nails usually seen during this time of year. The minimalism of this design helps keep it spring appropriate while still keeping a bit of edge to the look.

star nails

This negative space mani is a more whimsical take on the previous design.

red and blue nails

Bump up the look by using brighter colors that are very different to help make the colors pop against each other. Keep the design simple to avoid making it look messy.

white metallic nails

If you want to wear metallic colors but don’t like how bold it can be, opt for a metallic silver over a white base to make it more wearable.

pastel block nails

If you can’t seem to part with pastels, pair it with a nude or very pale pink base with graphic squares in bright blues to keep the look fresh and not boring.

New Summer Accessory!

Most people wouldn’t think of tattoos as an accessory considering they are much more than than; a commitment, a choice. I consider accessories as something temporary that helps convey my current mood/vibe for that day. I would never consider a tattoo as an accessory but thanks to InkBox, it’s opened up my eyes to the wonderful world of (temporary) tattoos. If you’ve ever gotten a henna tattoo before then you’ll feel right at home with InkBox tattoos. They use a 100% organic ink that lasts about two weeks which allows you to have the look of a tattoo without all that comes with having a real one, not to mention they are way more friendly on your wallet!

I’ve purchased the freehand ink bottle  and my boyfriend purchased a premade guitar design. The application of the premade design and the final outcome of it was great and worked way better than it did when I tried the freehand bottle. I had a hard time keeping the lines uniform especially since I couldn’t decided on a design and had no stencil to go off of. I also didn’t wear the glove that is provided in the kit and I had ink on my fingers for at least a week after!

Overall I would recommend this to anyone who wants to experiment with the idea of having a tattoo or if you just want something fun and different for a couple weeks. Maybe it was because of the way my freehand designs turned out but I currently don’t think I ‘ll be getting any real tattoos anytime soon because I’m too indecisive about designs! (I’m sure my mom is letting out a huge sigh of relief right now!) They company itself is really great and you can tell they really value their customers! New designs are put up fairly often so you never get bored with the choices.

Coachella Best + Worst

As most of you know, Coachella is well underway and those attending have already began showing off their most “Coachella-y” outfits. “Coachella-y”, it’s a word now. I’ve compiled what I find to be the best and worst outfits. Even if some of the people attending are famous, it doesn’t save them from making less than wise fashion choices! That being said I am slightly biased considering I have a personal style that tailors more to blending in than standing out. It’s always fun though to see what others are wearing especially to an event like this. There is such a huge range of styles and vibes that you really can’t predict what’s going to be out there.

The Worst

missing pants coachella


It looks like somebody stole her pants…. I’m not a fan of the dramatic off the shoulder look because it makes the person look like a hot mess. Well, more mess than hot. On top of that, the shirt is attempting to cover the lower regions but is coming up short (pun very much intended). If the shirt was longer and was buttoned to stay on this outfit may even be on my Best list.

orange set coachella


This outfit catches your eye with the vibrant burnt orange but I can’t get over the fact that it’s pretty much a bra that she’s wearing. I don’t mind crop tops and bralettes but once you shape it and make it look like a bra…I’m out.

riri coachella


I hate to do this because I love her music but, Rihanna my darling, this is one bad outfit. I would love it without the intense sparkly chainmail rhinestone bodysuit she has underneath. I get that she loves to take risks and experiment with her style but this looks extremely uncomfortable. I hope I’m wrong!

The Best

multicolored set coachella


Now this is how you do a bra top! The whole outfit is flowy and looks extremely comfortable. The entire thing is a beautiful with an equally beautiful bralette. The lace detailing around the edge adds the perfect about of girly to this fierce set.

long dress coachella


This color compliments her skin so well. I love how she brings a deeper burgundy into the spring and summer months and pairs it with strappy sandals. I’m loving the sunnies and I actually don’t mind the unusual steampunk inspired goggles she has.

denim dress coachella


Bring the hem up a bit with this adorable denim dress. I love denim skirts and have been wanting to get a denim dress for the longest time. This one gives her great shape and shows off her legs and leather boots. I love the mesh shirt she has layered underneath, it adds the right amount of attitude along with the hat and shades.

covered up coachella


This girl knows the way to my heart! I love how covered up she is while still showing some leg. Her outfit doesn’t blend in at all with the addition of silver accessories and knee high boots.

A B C’s of Fashion! – H I J

Another round of ABC’s is here! We’re going to explore some today that you may not be too familiar with.

H is for Hijab

hijabsIn this video, hijab is explained as a way of self and religious expression and a way to maintain and stay close to ones faith in the muslim culture. I don’t have too much knowledge of this topic so I will let the video do most of the talking. I have included this in the ABC’s because fashion is not for only one culture. It is for everyone and I love when peoples own lives and values are mixed in and shown through what they wear. I have learned about hijabs through my cross culture class and have a better understanding for them now. I just wanted to include this and help bring it more into the public eye so other can learn about it too. Again, fashion is not for one kind of person which is why I included this because I try to include as many different kinds of people as possible.


I is for Intimates

intimatesBefore you say it, I know…. Intimates is the old lady word for lingerie. BUT! I couldn’t wait to talk about this trend because it is rather intriguing. Wearing lingerie as a part of our every day wardrobe has been on trend for some time now. Some even go as far as actually wearing silk pajama sets as an entire outfit. I don’t think I could do that, but layering the delicate stuff over something as simple and functional as a white t-shirt really makes it day time appropriate. Don’t wear it to work of course (unless your name is Kourtney Kardashian) but with the use of layering and staying in the same color family, you can easily create a unique look.kourtney kardashian

silk pjs

J is for Jumpsuit

Again, another weird word. Jumpsuits aren’t as corny as they sound. They can actually be very polished and perfect for many different occasions. Keep accessories simple to make sure it doesn’t become gaudy and dated. (BTW, yes, overalls are included in this! 🙂 )

green jumpsuit balck jumpsuit overalls

My Favorite Youtubers!

Hey there! Today I wanted to discuss something that has really helped me and many others break into the world of makeup, beauty and fashion. Youtube is such a great resource if you want to learn something or explore different things and beauty related topics are no exception. So many individuals has made Youtube their main platform to share their tips and tricks and even have gone so far as to create a relationship with their subscribers and become what some would call a Youtube family. What I love about Youtube is that you can get so many different views from so many different kinds of people. You can get professional advice, tutorials, and tips from actual makeup artist and stylist or you can get information from someone just like you who is self taught and may have even used Youtube themselves to learn. I have been using Youtube since about middle school. My mom gave me some basics when it came to makeup and hair and it provided a great foundation (pun intended 🙂 ) to build upon once I started learning more involved things. Below are a few of my favorite Youtubers that I found. You can take a look at these and see what you think of their channels and personalities (which to me is pretty important, nobody wants to watch someone they find annoying!). I would also reccommend looking at other Youtubers with videos related to the same topics for get a feel for what’s out there. Also, pay attention to the videos themselves because some Youtubers actually recommend other channels and fellow Youtubers to go look at. These are usually really good channels if they are being recommend by other Youtubers. (These are the main ladies I go to for videos.)

(AllThatGlitters21 and JuicyStar07 are sisters! These ladies are the first two Youtubers that I started watching!)

(My favorite Youtubers list isn’t very diverse since I am only one person and I look for those with qualities close to mine but since anyone can use Youtube there is no shortage of different kinds of people out there! It’s pretty impossible to not find what you’re looking for just keep in mind what words you use when searching for videos because that will dictate what videos are recommended and what comes up in your search. Take the time to find what you’re looking for, it’s out there!)

Product Review-E.l.f. Foundation and Concealer

I have been trying out a new foundation and concealer these past couple days and although my initial impression of it was “this is cakey as heck!” I am quickly growing to love it.

e.l.f. hd lifting concealere.l.f. acne foundation

I stumbled upon these products while looking at an e.l.f. email that promised they could find your perfect foundation match. Of course, I was intrigued. I clicked and was taken to a short questionnaire that asked the amount of coverage you wanted, the finish (matte, semi-matte, luminous/glowing), and your skin tone.

I picked medium coverage (my skin has been a bit problematic lately), semi-matte, and light. This is the one I was matched with! It’s the acne Fighting Medium Coverage Foundation in Buff. It’s only $6 at Target but only comes in a few shades (Buff is the second lightest). That was the first downside to this. I was surprised with how dark it looked compared to my skin even though it was supposed to be on the lighter side. I went back and got the Porcelain shade which I was worried would be too light because I would never use the word “porcelain” to describe my skin tone but luckily it was a perfect match. I am keeping the darker shade for in the summer. I think it’ll match really well once I’m tan.

e.l.f. beautifully bare concealer stick

While I was there I picked up a concealer too. The first trip to target I got the Beautifully Bare Lightweight Concealer Stick in Fair/Light ($3 Target) but it wasn’t doing the job. It was too thick and it settles into the fine lines and didn’t cover my blemishes very well. So I exchanged it for the HD Lifting Concealer in Fair ($3 Target). This is way more effective at covering blemishes and really does give you a lifted wide awake look. The only downside is that the color of the concealer stick was much lighter and looked better when used for highlighting than the HD Concealer does which is more of a yellow base instead of a whiter base. Regardless I’m happy with my final purchases.

When I tried the foundation for the first time I was happy with how it looked. But as the day went on I could tell it was really just sitting on top of my skin and looking shiny as opposed to blending in with it and looking natural. I fixed this problem by setting it with a translucent face powder which I don’t normally do because the powder tends to accentuate my dry skin but the consistency of the foundation off set it really well and it lasted all day. It blends well when used with a beauty blender and has a nice amount of coverage without being too opaque.

e.l.f. lipstick

I also got a lipstick which I loved…sorta… I liked the feel of it, it felt like lip balm and was hydrating, it was just the wrong color choice for me! I picked up the e.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick ($3 Target) in Red Carpet. It was way too dark for my thin lips and light skin, at least for my liking. I ended up giving it to my sister who has more of an olive skin tone and thicker lips. It looked really nice on her! I would recommend it if you’re looking for a lip friendly lipstick that won’t dry out your lips. I plan on going back and getting a light pink shade.

Your Thoughts – Wisconsin Accountant

Tell us a little about yourself?
I am a 24 year old male in my last semester of my undergrad in accountancy studying at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Between working and studying I love to stay active, play guitar, and spend time with my friends and family.
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
This all depends on how much procrastinating I do, but I tend to take anywhere from a half hour to 45 minutes. 5 if nobody has to see me! (I take longer than the average guy, but that’s what happens when you’ve been blessed with a beautiful beard, gotta keep it in check!).
How would you describe your current style?
Right now I would probably lean towards business casual. But in my free time more laid back casual or sporty. I like to dress in comfortable but nice clothes and usually tend to lean towards solid darker colors. On a normal day I wear a nice pair of jeans and a sweater, v-neck , or workout apparel.
Do you have one particular style that you tend to stick with on a daily basis or does your style change?
Currently my daily basis style is business casual. I do try to switch it up during the week though, mostly just pairing stuff differently to brighten up the week. I dress for my day mostly, and I like to feel confident in what I’m wearing which seems to change daily.
How has your style changed over the years?
Oh gosh haha. Well, I grew up as a mis-matched 90’s baby. I didn’t have much to any style as a kid. I really didn’t care until high school when I was able to start buying my own clothes. And that’s when I went through a weird “skater” phase where I would only wear certain brands, mostly Burton and tight jeans that no man should ever wear. After high school that style faded within the first year in college. My style quickly grew in to what it is today when I realized I should probably dress more for my age.
How do you view fashion?
Dress for success. I feel like style is supposed to be about you, what makes you feel the most confident and ready for your day. Everyone has different views and needs in the way that they dress.
Being a guy, do you have any certain things you keep in mind when it comes to your style or what you wear?
Yes of course! Colors matter, some don’t go together. Most importantly the belt better match you shoes.
What’s your favorite piece of clothing in your closet? Why is it your favorite?
Hmm I do have one favorite shirt and I can’t tell you why it is. It’s very different from my normal style, and soon it probably won’t even be wearable because I’ve washed it too much by now (tear), but its just simply a graphic tee that I always thought fit me perfectly.
Is there a certain style/trend that has caught your eye?
Yes!!!Currently the crazy socks trend. When I discovered this I instantly fell in love with all the cool expressive socks that you can buy from men’s wear house/online/etc. My collection is quite extensive now. If you want to get a start think about joining sock club! Its like harrys shave club
but for socks! Cool right?!
Is there a style/trend that you’ve been wanting to get into?
Sometimes I wish I could get away with dressing like a hipster but it never works!
Lastly, what is your favorite feature about yourself? Why?
Definitely has to be my beard. Like I mentioned before, its pretty exquisite. And its red!

Your Thoughts – Alabama Grad Student

ABC’s of Fashion! – D E F G

On with our ABC’s!

D if for Dress

I wasn’t really a dress girl up until a year ago. I always thought they added too much girly-ness to an outfit and that they were to complicated to wear. I. was. wrong. Dress are one of the easiest and most comfortable things to wear. If you don’t want to try to to put together an outfit with pants, a top and a sweater, just throw on a dress. One dress can make your whole look go from “I was running late” to “I look good”! Here are a few different dress styles to try out. experiment with different patters, colors, textures and unusual pairings to make it fit your own style and mood. My personal favorite is the wrap dress because it flatters your natural curves and hides the places you don’t want people seeing. It isn’t form fitting but you don’t lose your shape because of the waist cinching tie.

dress chart wrap dress


E is for Eye wear

I am super excited about this one! I have had glasses all my life (well since third grade) and I’ve had some really cool pairs. Only with my most recent pair I’ve really started to think of my glasses as an accessory as opposed to something I HAVE to wear when I run out of contacts. Sunglasses are included in this section but I feel like we are all pretty familiar with them and they don’t need much explaining. Eye glasses, however, are becoming more popular among those who don’t rely on them for actual sight. There are fake glasses being sold everywhere because people are starting to realize how much they can add to an outfit! The top picture are very close to the ones I currently own.

tortoise shell glasses brown teal glasses orange glasses mens glasses

F is for Fitness apparel

I’ll be honest, I don’t work out. BUT I do own some very cute workout clothes because let’s face it, it’s comfy! Whether you are a professional lounger who loves sports bras and sneakers or a workout junkie, this should make you wanna go on a workout shopping spree!

plus sizeworkout clothes workout jacketxray leggingspink workout outfitmesh leggings


G is for Gloves

This one is pretty self explanatory. When it’s a bit chilly and you need to keep warm try on a stylish pair of gloves! there are styles for formal occasions, driving and everyday.

grey gloves red glovesbrown glittens

ABC’s of Fashion! – A B C

I’m going to highlight an aspect of fashion for each letter of the alphabet. This is going to be challenging considering I have no idea what to put for some (X…I’m looking at you…) but it’ll help expand our knowledge of fashion and help us branch out for our safe little fashion bubbles. This will be a multi-post topic so check back often to see new additions!

A is for Accordion Pleat

The accordion pleat can be worn in so many different ways but my favorite right now is in a knee length skirt. It’s such a classic style as you can see in the image below.

accordion pleat

Fashion recycles itself and I am loving the fresh take on this skirt. For a night out, drop the length and wear one in a cool metallic fabric. A bright color adds that much more oomph to it too! Keep all other pieces of the outfit simple to maintain the focus on the skirt.

gold accordion skirt

If edgy isn’t your style, you can keep the classic feel of the style by using one color in different shades. The outfit below stays in shades of blue while adding a pop of color on the lip. This is a more subtle way to make a statement. And if all one color is a bit too much for you, you can break it up by adding a colorful bag like in the image.

blue accordion skirt outfit

B is for Blush

Oh blush how I love you so! It can easily brighten a tired face or pull together a makeup look. Anyone can look good in blush no matter what color it is, you just need to keep your skin tone in mind. Pink and coral are great classic blush colors for every day look or formal events. The funky colors are for those days when you are bored with the same old same old. If you’re going to experiment with a new blush color keep the look simple to prevent it looking clownish. I suggest pairing it with a similar gloss to help keep it cohesive.

lilac blush

C is for Cardigan/Coat

Everyone should own at least one cardigan. It’s a staple in fashion and can be worn in any season depending on what you layer under or over it. Here are a few ways to wear a cardigan without resorting to the same look. (These are all long cardigans but the same tips work for other lengths as well.)

mustard cardigan

Keep the colors bold to make them more of a statement rather than just another layer. This rich rust color will look really nice in the fall.

neutral cardigan

Keep the colors neutral for a casual sophisticated outfit.

work cardigan

Keep a simple grey one in your closet for when you want an extra layer at work but don’t want to wear a full blazer.

Just like the cardigans, coats can be layered up and add an extra element to any outfit. If you’re a forever-cold-person like I am, you probably have a few coats that are more functional than fashionable. Those work for when you’re running to get groceries, but when you would rather me more fashionable, try these styles to feel a bit more fabulous while still feeling cozy.


green trench


rain coat