Utilizing Electronics on The Water

Basic Units

When fishing, understanding how to properly use and navigate your electronics is critical to success. Today there are hundreds of electronic designs to choose from. Knowing how to properly work and mark your graph is just half of the battle. Fishing with electronics has been a way to locate and find fish that may be harder to find. When fishing deeper water electronics can be the key to finding those finicky walleye. When talking about utilizing your electronics it’s important to keep in mind that this is primarily when fishing from a boat. Most boats today come equipped with some sort of graph or depth finder from the start. As you get more serious about fishing and decide to get a boat, upgrading to a quality graph can highly improve your fish catching rates.

Breaking Down Unit

Today I rarely leave the water without my two Humminbird Helix 5’s. These two electronics have helped me locate fish in many different situations both competitive bass fishing and guiding clients. The benefits you are getting while fishing with an electronic fish finder is the following. Not only do fish finders help you locate fish. Fishfinders also allow you to find the depth you are fishing along with the water temperatures. Depending on the particular fish finder you decide to purchase, you can choose from a variety of advantages. When just starting out I would recommend a beginning Humminbird model to adjust to before upgrading to a more expensive product.

Take Aways

My favorite brand when it comes to freshwater fishing is Humminbird. Humminbird electronics have proven to be quality and reliable for me on the water. I have personally been using Humminbird products for about five years now and love them. Today you can get Humminbird systems that are so advanced it would make your head spin. Technology seems to be growing at such a rapid pace in today’s day of age that the fish can’t hide. Another key factor in locating fish with your electronics consists of locating underwater structure. When it comes to fishing deep murky water your electronics can prove to be the most important aspect of catching fish. If your new to the sport of fishing or just looking to catch more fish, I would recommend looking into a new piece of equipment to add to your arsenal.

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