Becoming a Fishing Guide

Fishing Guide

I have always enjoyed taking my friends and family fishing let alone people who have never fished before. Fishing has been a way for me to express my passion with others. Since I was a young child I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge for the sport with others. Once I turned nineteen years old I decided to start my own fishing guide business. From the start, it wasn’t an easy task. I had to get licensed, buy liability insurance and gain approval. From there I was able to start building up my business.

Skill Sets

being a fishing guide requires people skills and a true love for the sport. Having the skills to effectively communicate with people is a large factor. As a fishing guide, you are also a teacher. It’s your job to respectfully teach others how to catch fish. I like to take clients fishing and teach them the basics of fishing, including how to break down a body of water to locate fish. To be a fishing guide it’s important to establish the type of fishing you will be doing. You have many options from becoming a saltwater guide to an Alaskan salmon charter. Being a fishing guide its important to narrow your focus to fit the needs of your client.


In my current situation guiding in southern Wisconsin, I am limited to certain species of fish per season. Another major factor is supplying the right amount of equipment for your clients. I like to bring around ten to fifteen fishing rods with me on my guide trips to suit everyone. A good rule of thumb is to keep at least three rods per species of fish you decide to target that day. Always call in advance when setting up a guide trip to confirm location and go over the plan for the day. I like to keep a calendar, marking all of my guide trips for that month to keep organized and on top of the game. It also pays to prepare all of your equipment the day before your guide trip to be on top of the game. Being a fishing guide requires patience and a true passion for fishing. For me it is what I love to do, I am blessed to share my passion on the water for a career. 

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