As a huge tennis fanatic, I want to bring tennis into the spotlight where it rightfully deserves to be as one of the biggest sports worldwide. On this blog, you will find all things tennis related whether it’s the scores of matches, the brackets for tournaments, slideshows of famous tennis athletes, as well as the fashion and sneakers found on court.

Although some of you may not be tennis fans, I hope to communicate with you through this blog about some of the things we might have in common such as the competitive drive and the will to win. Tennis is a sport that is unlike any other where you are out there all out on your own with no coach to look to when you’re in between games taking a break. Similar to how you might take a test. You are there by yourself and have to find a way to do better or stay on pace.

I hope that you enjoy this blog and the material I have presented to you. Feel free to leave any comments or check out my Instagram or contact me. Links are all across the site!