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  • Comparative Analysis – Jenkins and Today’s Media

    In todays society, media is all around us. There is no doubt about that. These 3 videos here provide loads of information on how much media effects our society and different perspectives on how that may look:

    These 3 videos dive-deep into the topics of what, where and how in relation to media transforming our society into what it is today. The first two videos, “Henry Jenkins on Transmedia” and “Henry Jenkins Interview Short” describe a lot of this information in a good light by talking about the benefits to this new world we live in. Those benefits include a more diverse society and a easy output for collective intelligence. But I chose to provide the last video because, as stated before, Jenkins tends to shine a more positive light on this matter. But what Jenkins doesn’t go into is the negative impact these newfound “benefits” create. The last video, “How Social Media is Destroying Society” hits that topic right on the nail and goes into the not-so-talked-about effects social media is creating in our everyday lives. Are the negative impacts of this collective intelligence worth the dissociation of society as we once knew it? That’s the question, isn’t? Only the future can tell.