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UW-W Earth Initiative Has Been Busy Planning Events!

While creating events and programming to actively engage students is an important aspect of the UW-W Earth Initiative, it is also important to educate individuals about the main purpose and components of our Sustainability Campaign. In order to accomplish this, we have created a sustainability video to increase awareness about this campus and community wide campaign.

Key ideas highlighted within this video include the explanation of the UW-W Earth Initiative brand name and the campaign slogan, “Social. Sensible. Sustainable.”

Please watch this video to learn more about this campaign and see how you can increase sustainable practices in your daily lives:

Thank you for joining the Conservation Conversation, until next time…


RecycleMania 2011

Hello everyone!

Been awhile… lots of exciting things in the works in the Sustainability Office, but first and foremost…


RecycleMania 2011 is about to kick off and UW-Whitewater enters our third year of participation.  In 2009 we saw a recycling rate of 28.7%, which scored us third among Wisconsin schools competing in the Competition Division (more strict measurement requirements than the Benchmark Division).  Last year we managed to improve to 29.14%, but our state competition heated up and we finished in sixth place among Competition Division schools.  It’s time to step up our game too!

Let’s not forget, we also have a great competition going in the residence halls!  In 2009, Clem/Bigelow won the competition with an easy margin over second place Arey/Benson and third place Wellers/Knilans.  In 2010, Arey/Benson struck back and stole the crown from second place Clem/Bigelow with Tutt/Fischer/Goodhue coming in a strong third.  It’s not only what you recycle, but also what you manage to not throw away, so remember to donate used clothing or unused non-perishable food items.  The Whitewater Clothes Closet and Whitewater Food Pantry are always looking for donations!

RecycleMania kicks off February 6th.  Just do your part and toss your Accepted Recyclable Materials in the proper receptacles.  If you have any questions, just contact your friendly neighborhood Sustainability Coordinator at sustainability (at) or hit me up on Facebook.  Go forth and RECYCLE Warhawks!