Earth Week Workshop

On Monday, February 25th, we hosted an Earth
Week Brainstorm workshop.  The goal of this event was to gather people
from different organizations in order to learn what fresh minds could
contribute to our cause.  We hosted not only members from the American Marketing Association(AMA) and Creative Marketing Unlimited (CMU), but
members from S.A.G.E., Water Council, EPO, Safety Org, PEACE, CEO, and
ResLife.  The event was a spectacular success with 46 people coming to
share their ideas!


The evening began with CMU board members greeting participants in the
workshop.  Qdoba came, and kindly served free chips and queso to all who
came.  Wes Enterline then delivered an  excellent presentation on the
history of Earth Week efforts on campus, which also served to help give
people an idea of the kind of events we were looking for.

Finally, the creative portion of the workshop began.  Groups were formed with
members from each organization present being teamed with CMU board
members familiar with the Earth Initiative.  The groups were given a prompt to
spur creativity, and everybody did a fantastic job coming up with new
and creative ideas. Tons of new event ideas were created that can engage
students in Earth Week activities and show them how to become more

In addition to creating ideas for events, the event also served to bring
together students from various campus orgs and get them motivated to
live more sustainable lives. It is certainly exciting to think about all
of  the organizations that attended  and how many potential members of
those organizations can be reached through  the cooperation and outreach
that began at Monday’s workshop!

Dylan Waldhuetter from water council said “Not only would I like to see the Water Council get more involved on campus but a large part of our campaign is focused on increased sustainability efforts on campus.”

After the event planning commenced, participants in the workshop volunteered
to be filmed for short videos.  Many talked about things that  they do to be sustainable,
while others talked about all the things they  have seen CMU accomplish
with the UW-Whitewater Earth Initiative around campus.  Keep an  eye
out in the coming days for another great  Sustainability video from
that the clips that were collected in this workshop!

A special thanks to all attendees, we truly accomplished something for the greater good of our campus by coming together!


Until next time, thank you for joining the Conservation Conversation!



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