Meet the Justices: Liberals

March 11th, 2021

Hello and welcome back! This week I am going to be covering the Liberal justices. The catch with the liberal justices is that as the Supreme Court currently stands, there are only 3 “liberal” justices. A justice that most recently passed away is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who has since been replaced by the conservative justice Amy Coney Barrett. Justice Ginsburg was among the most liberal of the justices but not definitely the most liberal. That title is held by Sonia Sotomayor, who was appointed by President Barack Obama. She almost exclusively sides with the “liberal” argument on cases and often writers her opinions with quite a bit of a tone towards arguments that might like easy to answer questions but were meant with resistance by certain justices. The next liberal justice is Elena Kagan, who, while is a liberal justice, does lean towards the middle of the pack. She has written extremely important opinion, including one that made it illegal to use race as a way to draw lines for Congress districts. The last liberal justice is Stephen Breyer, who was appointed by President Bill Clinton. Breyer is one of the oldest justices on the court, and while we are currently under a Democrat as president, there is a strong possibility he retires within the next four years so that Joe Biden may pick another justice. His views, like Justice Kagan, are liberal but more close to the middle ground of the opinions. He seeks to make the law simpler and more easily understood to read at first glance. That’s all for this week. Next week, we will be looking at what cases the Supreme Court is currently ruling on and what they might mean.

3 Responses to “Meet the Justices: Liberals”

  1. Makai said:

    As someone who spends basically no time whatsoever on politics, this is an interesting blog to keep track of. It keeps things simple for me, as someone without much knowledge of American politics, while still maintaining a level of detail that satisfies my curiosity.
    It’s definitely interesting to see how certain justices align on particular issues, and how those alignments serve to balance the court. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Joseph Doll said:

    I like this blog, the Supreme Court is interesting. Sometimes I wonder if its too powerful though. It’s interesting that we the people allow “liberal” and “conservative” judges to be apart of the system of government that is supposed to be impartial. I would argue the Supreme Court is more powerful than the president, since they are the ones who get to use and interpret the constitution to do what they want. Let me know what you think.

  3. Trey Cummins said:

    Really cool idea for a blog. As one of the other commenters said, I feel like you really simpled down a subject that I find confusing. I always found it interesting on how little the Justices get so much less media attention than from the President. A single justice is near as important as the president their self but yet no one can really name them.

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