Thank you for joining me on this adventure.

I started this blog for an assignment for one of my college classes. When I started it, I felt more than a little insecure in the thought that I could truly help anybody with my own thoughts and experiences. As it stands, I still am not sure I truly helped anybody.

But I learned so much making these posts, about myself and about the world around me. Some background: I was a C student at best when I started college, and had to¬†work my way up to consistent As. I’ve always felt that so much of the advice given to students who are trying to better themselves is very “insert tab A into slot B”. That always made me more than a little upset. This blog was my attempt to do something about that.

I think that a lot of people have something that makes them upset, and it’s natural to want to do something about that. Sometimes those are structural problems like issues that make school harder for people, and sometimes those are minor problems like dealing with other people who don’t respect your boundaries. Not everybody feels like they can, or that they should, try to fix these problems. Some people might not consciously realize that these are problems.

If I’ve done one thing with this blog, I hope that I’ve helped somebody understand that their problems are valid, and it’s okay to have them and accept them, even if they’re embarrassing or weird. That’s been the attitude that’s helped me the most to get through college. You can’t solve a problem if you’re not even willing to acknowledge it.

With this post, my assignment will be completed. I will be putting this blog on permanent hiatus from this point onward. I’ll probably port it to a different WordPress site and incorporate it into my portfolio. I cannot promise that I will ever resume posting. I won’t say this is goodbye, because it isn’t. But the future will look much different from the past. And that’s how it should be.

My final thought for anybody who read and appreciated this blog is: don’t be afraid to embrace your humanity. Your laziness, any illnesses, your tendencies towards procrastination or anxiety… it’s all just part of being alive when you’re a human. And the sooner you can own those parts of yourself, the sooner you can really start to work with yourself instead of against yourself.

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