Tonights Bucks Game Overview

Tonight’s Bucks game goes off the rails as coach Prunty calls their efforts “horrible” (MB).  The Bucks left the game wondering where this season will start to trend as they lose a road game against the Orlando Magic in the Amway Center.  18,000 people were in the audience to watch the bucks go out and put in a lacking effort.

This showed on the scored board on the final buzzer when it read 117-126 Orlando, this was a wake up call that coach Prunty was hoping wasn’t needed.  As coming into this game, they were favorites to win the game, as the Milwaukee Bucks record is much better and not to mention the likes of Giannis Attentekumpo, who still in lacking effort was able to put up 38 points and a couple assist shy of a triple double(MB).

It has been the same story all along for the Bucks as they keep trending in the same direction, as the they surely have the talent to make a push, there stills seems to be something missing.  Bucks fans are all too familiar with how obscure the outcomes have become in the previous seasons for the bucks, this is something that coach Prundy doesn’t want to happen again.  This is when you wonder what will be the next move? What will be the next lineup? What could a reinvigorated and motivated Bucks team do head into playoff season hoping for contention.

If they want to be able to content later in the seasons at hopes to make it into the playoffs they are going to have to tighten up their defense.  They were allowing open 3-pointers all through the night as when it was all said and done 18 3’s was made(gameday). Moments through the game you wonder if they had any interest at all in contesting the opposition’s shot attempt.

A movement of the players coming in and giving it their all is the message being sent, as some are not picking up on their end as Jason terry had 24 minutes and only mustered a meager 5 points(gameday).  Examples like these are the flaws that are being attempted to fix as more attempts needs to follow with minutes in that range.  Its time to start getting the points with the time being spent.   These are elements that are flawing the Bucks, who else should get these minutes is the question?  Through all the speculation there can be one thing that cannot be denied, which is the talent that is on this roster.

Milwaukee will have time to gather their thoughts as they don’t have another game on the schedule til Saturday where they will face the Hawks at home in the BMO Harris Bradley Center(MB).  If the Bucks will be looking to claw out of the central division by seasons end they will have to surpass 1st ranked Pacers and 2nd ranked Cavaliers. The bucks hold a conference record of 22-22(MSN). Will coach have the players motivated to come out and shine through this adverse season? Let’s hope Giannis and co can make it back into the hunt just in time.