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    Stride for Perfection

    Week 10/16/2020 For today’s post we will talk about the Hunter Under Saddle class and some small tips you may not notice that could help you remain consistently successful or become higher noted on the judges card. We will look at the article by Julie Winkel from equestriancoach.com. Her first comment regards your first impression. Don’t be afraid to be the first one in the class. This will show the judge(s) that you are on time and fully prepared.  Julie’s second piece of advice is “know where the judge is.” If the judge is in the ring no matter what, do not try to get close to them. They will…

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    Equitation Evaluation

    Blog Post #3 If Saddle Seat is your passion then you know that having the correct equitation is everything. By having the proper manners, you and your horse will be able to maneuver better and have more success on the judges card. In Horse Illustrated, Leslie Potter talks with champion and trainer, Ellen Beard, about proper positioning and why it will stand out better in the show pen.  Ellen starts off by commenting on the correctness of your legs and feet. An easy way to remember your place is to pretend there is a string connected from your foot to your hip and then to your shoulder. Another notable statement…