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Blog: 11/06/20

If you ask any rider what one of the most irritating things there is out at the barn it has to be flies. Horses can develop hives or become ornery which can lead to other health concerns. Managing flies on the property is crucial to any kind of equine facility. 

I’ve put together a few handy tips to restrict areas that flies may produce. First let’s start off with the number one affect, which is the manure pile. We all know that every facility has one and it is important to keep it away from the stable or areas where the horses may be housed or pastured. I would recommend daily distribution, if possible, to fields a good distance away from the areas previously mentioned. That being said, It can also be prominent for stalls and dry lots to be cleaned daily. Overall keeping the facility well maintained or cleaned can be beneficial to prevention of flies. A side not as far as other bugs, try to prevent excessive water and mud on the property. This can certainly help with flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. 

Another factor to get rid of flies leads me to the help of Smartpak. Smartpak is an industry leading company that specializes in equine health and management. One of their successful products is called the Fly Stopper. This is a pelleted formula you can place throughout your property to help prevent flies. This product prevents production of fly eggs or attracting flies to the facility. Fly Stopper is also not toxic for dogs so that is a great feature for a multi pet owner. Lastly, this product has a 3 star rating and a 100% happiness guarantee.

Smartpak is equipped with numerous amounts of other fly or insect controls such as supplements, sprays, sheets, masks, leg guards, panels, and more. If you want to check any of these products out or any of their other products I would recommend checking out the link below.


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