Semester In Review


Technology is everywhere. No matter which direction we look, it’s right there in front of our faces. New communication technology is also an increasingly growing entity. Social media has taken its place as a heavily used source of news and communication among millenials, and the news media. New communication technology has basically changed the way that people interact and find information.

This class has opened my eyes to all the possibilities of communication through technology. Prior to this class, social media and technology was just a thing that existed. I grew up in the age of technology. I do not know anything other than social media, Google and Wikipedia, smart cars, and any other form of technology that has been around for 20 years or longer. Through this class, I have learned to dig deeper into the technology. I learned to think critically about how social media has changed the journalistic field—whether for good or bad.

There are some people who find love through new communication technology and others who use new communication technology for their jobs. Communication technology has endless opportunities for those who use it. I have found a new appreciation for communication technology, because I have used it for my internship as a way of communicating with viewers, posting social media posts, and finding news for newsletters. New communication technology has made it easier to communicate with other people, but many journalists have found that it has caused more work for them.

Personally,  this New Communication Technology course has allowed me to view different sides of technology. I am better able to analyze communication technology; whether it be memes or social media. This course has been beneficial to my understanding of communication technology.

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