About my season

I haven’t really been talking too much about how I’ve been doing this season, so I’m going to fix that.

As the end of the semester draws nearer, so does the college rugby season.

The first tournament that my team attended was Nash Bash in Nashville, Tennessee.  Teams from all over the country went to compete.  The Friday before the tournament, we had a free day to explore the city with the vans we drove up with.  The van that I was in went to a museum, the Parthenon, a civil war house that was haunted, and ate some really good southern barbecue for dinner.

Our first match was almost going to be against Marquette,  which would would have been disappointing since they are our, geographically speaking, closest rival during  competitive fall season.  We were able to switch to playing a Northern Michigan team instead.

Our next match was against UIC,  who we also play during fall season, but we played against them anyway.

For our last match, I don’t know who we were supposed to play because they didn’t show up.  The captains, once they found out, just celebrated the forfeit as a victory to the team and we took pictures in front of the post.

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