Perspectives of learning

The behaviorist perspective of learning is when emphasis is placed on changes in in behavior due to learned associations; while the cognitive perspective of learning focuses on the brain as being what processes and interprets information. It is important to apply these perspectives of learning to instruction because it allows teachers to better understand the behavior and learning of their students. The view that resides more within my beliefs as a teacher, peer, and student is the behaviorist perspective of learning. While I understand that the brain is responsible for basically everything a person does; I believe it is important to take into consideration outside stimuli and the learned associations and reactions a person can create due to these stimuli. I fit in with the role of student under behavioral because I am a passive student who typically is the recipient of information and I am an active listener who follows directions. I will be able to use this information as a teacher to identify where my own students fall with their beliefs. Do they believe the behaviorist or cognitive perspectives of learning are better and how does that affect their ability to learn as a student? This is a question I will have to ask myself and then work to find out the answers.