The life of Lisa Castelli

Looking at a person you never really know their life story. To really learn about a person, you need to dig deep into their life. If you dig, you might find some of the best stories that you would have never known. 

Now Lisa Castelli is one of these ordinary people. She is the mom of nine children, a cancer survivor, and a former actor. She has lived her life to the fullest and has enjoyed her life. Lisa is a strong woman that has been put through a lot of trials in her life. 

The first thing Lisa talked about was her life before marriage. She explained that her passion was theatre. Lisa worked for the Racine Theatre Guild for about four years. During this time, she learned all she could about acting. This was her passion and she worked so hard during this time. 

By working at this company Lisa was able to create steppingstones into her next career. Lisa then took a job doing local commercials. These commercials were for a video company advertising home movie. After doing this for about a year Lisa changed careers. 

As Lisa worked this job she was also going to school. She had been going to school to become a doctor. She decided to start her residency a year before she got married, she spent two years in residency but then life took a turn for the worse. 

As I talked to Lisa, she explained how she delt with cancer while starting a family. She had the Bracca two gene which makes cancer a higher risk for her. “I knew about the gene I really wanted to start a family, so I put that aside”. When she was pregnant with her third child, she was diagnosed with stage three ovarian and breast cancer. 

These diagnoses took a toll on the family, but they knew they needed to fight it. Lisa gave birth to her son David two months early and immediately started chemo. Lisa relied on her family and friends to help with her three children. During this time, she stopped work to focus on treatment and her kids. After about three years Lisa was diagnosed cancer free. 

After about twelve years Lis felt that her heart was open to much more in life. Lisa and her family decided to foster. This was a huge change, and their family took it with open hearts. 

Lisa family start to grow rapidly at this rate. Their family took on a total of nine children. These children were from all different types of homes. “We did not care where these kids came from, we just wanted to give them the love they deserved. 

By the end of the year 2023 Lisa and her family had legally adopted six children. All these children are the example of love that Lisa holds. By being a stay-at-home mom, she has had time to truly nurture and love these children. 

Lisa life is not ordinary it is the exact opposite of ordinary. She has used her life for the better and continues to work to make others’ lives better. Lisa Castelli will strive to make the world around her happier. 






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