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Upcoming Feature Story

By Trevor Valescu | October 7, 2017

With it’s growing popularity around the world, and here within the borders of the United States, I’ve decided to delve into the core of what makes the nationalist activism so attractive to youth in this day and age; i’m speaking of course of the Alt-Right, White Nationalism, and American Nationalism. The three are very similar and often find themselves with the same goals and mindsets to go with it. Their main platforms of communication have always been social media. It’s ability to connect people across vast distances has made their lives simpler in distributing their messages to the populace and gathering new supporters with every passing day. just recently, a pew study showed that over 10% of Americans support or identify with the Alt-Right and other nationalist movements. It may not sound like much, but given the population of the U.S is over 321 million, that’s over 32,662,579 people backing this movement. This is not something to be overlooked, rather its something that should be investigated and see what makes them so likable to the public. Why do people join and support them amid all this turmoil? By the end of my story i’m hoping to shed some light on this conundrum with the help of a few people I know that have an opinion to share on them.

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For Following me around

By Trevor Valescu | September 21, 2017

If you’d like to speak to me personally, either message the page and/or follow me on my twitter.

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Motivation for Online Interaction

By Trevor Valescu | September 21, 2017

The connectivity of the internet is what attracts me to it. The amount of ideas, and like-minded people to share them with has never failed to astound me since I made my Facebook account over 10 years ago. I have hundreds of friends from across the U.S and Europe that I would have never met without social media being apart of my life, and I wouldn’t have met my best friend on the internet in real life if we couldn’t communicate. The phenomenon of the Internet has shaped my life in a way no other generation before us could possibly understand, and even with its faults, I will never regret having been on the internet, and continue to use it for my communication purposes, and staying in touch with my brothers across the land.

Video is relevant to my Internet usage:

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Does the Internet Make you Smarter?

By Trevor Valescu | September 21, 2017

Source Article:

The internet has made the task of researching, and gathering information on topics you’re interested in, easier than they have been for the past century. No longer do you have to spend hours flipping through books for one specific piece of information, you just type it into a search engine and you’re results are as specific as the engine could make it. The internet itself may not make us smarter, since it’s just a place where all this information resides, but the knowledge that you can find info on everything on the internet gives people more of a reason to go online and spend hours consuming information on topics that interest them.

Our entire infrastructure for work, school, and day-to-day activities revolve around being able to access the internet and communicate with others across long distances. It doesn’t matter what part of the world that person is in, (unless that country has restrictions and/or doesn’t have access to the internet), you can pull information from their as long as it’s on the internet. The sale of goods is made easier through online-purchasing and delivery right to your doorstep with things like Amazon, and mobile apps for taxi services driven by everyday people on the side. It’s made all our lives more connected and involved even if it’s not on a face-to-face basis as much as we would like to have.

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Love Online

By Trevor Valescu | September 19, 2017

A story of love through long distances and electronic communications that helps us understand the magic of the internet. The two subjects in the article, Henry and Sarah, both met through online chat groups and found the same interests in one another. They grew close online, sharing info about one another, all the while having never met in person. Comparisons are drawn between lovers during wartime. The main example used was soldiers and their loves back home during World War 1. Letters were the only form of connection one could have with their significant others back home, and relied upon both parties’ familiarity with one another to keep their bonds strong while apart. In these times, online relationships are a rickety boat just waiting to capsize, and there were many times when these two seemed ready to break before meeting. Henry proved himself capable of keeping a relationship going with his developing communication skills. Since the only way of transmitting their feelings is through typing, this is a crucial skill for anyone wishing to engage in electronic conversations with others. In the end, they met up, but not long after were split apart as they were still young and interests were changing. It’s important to note that the relationship experience gained from this type of engagement will most undoubtedly make connecting with others outside the computer that much easier.

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It Takes a Village to find a Phone

By Trevor Valescu | September 10, 2017

May 2006, a woman named Ivanna leaves her phone in a New York City cab. It was a Sidekick, one of the newer phones of that decade. She desperately called the cab company once she had learned of its disappearance to no avail. It contained all the information for a wedding she was having, so it was important to her that she got it back. After days had passed, with no response, she caved and bought herself a new phone. The phone company was kind enough to give her all her info back. When she got her info back, she discovered who had ended up with her phone. She began messaging the person to try and get them to return the phone, but they stubbornly refused repeatedly. Evan, Ivanna’s friend, decided to set up a website titled, Stolen Sidekick, and used it as a platform for his friends to spread the news and find the criminal responsible for stealing Ivanna’s phone. The attention his site attained grew so large that the New York Times wrote an article about it, bringing the story to national attention. Now the NYPD couldn’t ignore it any longer and was forced to investigate. This whole media fire began as a simple search for a phone, but became a staple example of how far the internet has allowed us to reach others that we couldn’t have imagined ten years before this occurred.

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Rush Limbaugh’s Rant Against Party Incompetence

By Trevor Valescu | May 1, 2017

I was going to close up shop on my daily posts for today until I saw an astonishing sight from a well known figure in political media. Today almost a half hour ago from when I started typing, Rush Limbaugh began his rant against the establisment and members of both sides of the government for intentionally halting the progress of fixing the country.
Rush Limbaugh rant part 1

As you can clearly see from his typing, he’s not at all thrilled with the slow grind of the system as they do everything in their power to halt their impending defeat from those who won fairly and decisively. “It wasn’t just Trump that people voted for. It was Republicans in Congress, Republicans in the Senate.” That statement there strikes hard like a edged blade carving through your skin. It’s hard not to notice this basic principle of our government; not everyone we put in is going to do what they say. We need to hold EVERYONE accountable for fixing the nation as they promised. In my eyes, and clearly Rush’s eyes, Trump is not to blame for the failures that are occuring at the moment. It’s the unwillingness of the Republicans to push their agenda forward and use their leverage to their advantage. The Democracts have shown they will not play nice with this administration, so in order to deal with them they need to get tough and show the American people they really did vote for stength and not for a bunch of lying snakes with no backbone to support their claims.

Rush Limbaugh rant part 2

Rush Limbaugh rant part 3

Rush Limbaugh rant part 4

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What’s up with Trump and Andrew Jackson

By Trevor Valescu | May 1, 2017


The big questions of the day come in the form of President Trump’s praise for his predecessor, President Andrew Jackson. Everyone is taught in school that he was somehow a bad man because of the Indian Removal Act imposed by him to relocate the natives further away for expansion purposes. What no one is ever taught is the violence of these tribes toward settlers just trying to make a life in this new world they’ve had to relocate to due to persecution in their home countries. Jackson knew that keeping Americans and Natives in the same vicinity would only lead to more conflicts with each other and came to congress on December 6th, 1830 with the Indian Removal Act that would lead to their displacement to avoid future conflicts. What the media likes to capitalize on is the fact that these people did not go willingly in some cases which led to scuffles and deaths along the “Trail of Tears” as it is known by many. It was in by no means some form of genocide against Natives, but a way to keep the conflict from occurring as we continued to colonized and make something of the land that had been till then wasted by people stuck in the stone age.

Now as for the Trump comparisons that the media has also been purporting to us, they aren’t without merit, to say the least. Both are praised for their stance against the globalist elitists and lobbyists that run our country from behind the scenes. They both are candidates out of the normalcy of life as they favored the working, businessman who produced for society rather than those who profited and did little to improve the growth of the nation.

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A Class on Hating Whites?!

By Trevor Valescu | May 1, 2017

abolition of whiteness picture

I’m sure the first thing you’re thinking when you see this is that I’m some crazy skinhead conspiracy theorist, but I really wish I was right now. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I noticed there was a curious discussion going on about some class at a college. I went to go investigate it and find out what all the fuss was about. To my disgust and the boiling anger that grew in side me, there is an actual class being taught at the Political Science department at Hunter College, New York, NY. Her name is Jennifer Gabourny and seeing a teacher in charge of teaching the next generation of Politicians and critical thinkers to hate the majority demographic of the nation can only lead to conflict in the future.

Its an attack on intellectual thought when a college allows such a person to teach you to hate yourself and talk about “abolishing your whiteness” and painting you out to be some sort of evil beast meant for slaughter? The white race has done more for the world than any other race in recorded history and how are we repayed? DEmonized by liberal teachers and communist gangs in the streets “beating up Nazis” and getting away with it. How is this allowed to continue in our society? This does nothing but bring us into regression, hinder our development, break apart the unity of our people, our culture, and our country. This may as well be a form of betrayal against everything this country has given you to allow this abhorrent behavoior. I’ll post more evidence here and a link to her teacher rating so you can give her a piece of your mind.

abolition of whiteness picture proof

abolition of whiteness picture proof 2

abolition of whiteness picture proof 3

abolition of whiteness picture proof 4

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Trump’s Wall Situation

By Trevor Valescu | April 26, 2017
A relatively good acquaintance of mine who runs a FaceBook page called Disdain For Plebs. He has over 287,000 likes on said page and regularly comments on the news and his random thoughts of the day. Today is one of those commenting days where he decides to post onto his podcast on YouTube and talk about the Trump Presidency as it stands. We’ve both seen the Trump Presidency under different light sources of late, but we can agree on the two things that he’s mentioned that he doesn’t like so far; The Syria Situation, and the new situation with the Wall. Let’s start with the Syria debacle. This goes back to my post from the beginning of April where Trump launched over 60 tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase, supposedly responsible for the gas attacks two days prior. This shook up his base quite a bit considering we had been told we wouldn’t be messing with Assad or the Russians. There was talk of World War 3 occurring out of this and other doomsday speculation. Utter nonsense as nothing has come of it to this day and even more good news has come since then. China is going to help take out North Korea, tax reform is coming, we might pull out of the North American Free Trade Act finally, and continuation of dismantling regulations that cost us billions. There are all these positives going through to look at as moving forward with the Trump Administration, and yet people still want to continue counter-signaling him for two things that happened that shook the foundations. The key message is to rethink your standards for him and don’t think he’s impenetrable, but don’t write this President off as he’s the best thing we’ve got. God Bless America and God Bless President Trump.

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