Check out this fantastic RA!


Name: Nathan Smith

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Sports team: Packers/Michigan State
Favorite Band: Alvin and the Chipmunks
Favorite Dining Hall: Esker
Dream job: Professor or author
What I see myself doing in five years: Auditing
Favorite Quote: “One man’s toxic waste is another man’s potpourri” -The Grinch
Why did you become an RA?: I wanted to get involved more and have an impact on people’s lives
What is your favorite thing about being an RA: Meeting new people and hanging out with staff
What else are you involved in?: Was a student-athlete for 3 years
Piece of advice for other RA’s: Don’t complain, enjoy what you do!
Best story so far: A guy that was tripping on acid said he respects RAs because we have to work 48 straight hours when we are on duty… LOL
Any extra Reslife Involvement?: No.
Anything else?: I will be retiring from RA-ing this semester due to graduation.