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Name: Ryan Michaelis

Favorite Sport: Most consistently American Football

Sports team: Chicago Bears

Favorite Band: Currently Tiesto or The Black Keys

Favorite Dining Hall: UNOs

Dream job: Project/Program Manager for Amazon, Microsoft, or Epic

What I see myself doing in five years: Adopting a pitbull, buying a nice car, hopefuly doing a little traveling.

Favorite Quote: Currently – “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

Why did you become an RA?: To make sure as many freshman are as comfortable as possible and have all of the tools they need while making arguably the most important transition in their lives. My RA’s were there for me.

What is your favorite thing about being an RA: Watching first years become better leaders than me.

What else are you involved in?: APICS, AIS, ARA, Enactus

Piece of advice for other RA’s: Remember why you’re here – for the residents, recognize everyone who helped you get here, and don’t forget that every moment in anything and and every interaction with anyone counts. Be wary of that.

Best story so far: Probably my first set of rounds, checking the music room. Ask me about it.

Any extra Reslife Involvement?: I was a stand in clerical for a bit!

Anything else?: Thank you and Chad Naidl for this opportunity! Good luck with your semester everyone!