Hometown: Fort Atkinson

Year in school: Senior Year (4th)

Major: Physical and Environmental Geography with a Business Minor

Dream job : GIS Analyst for the DNR or owning my very own nail salon! J

Favorite dining hall: Probably anywhere in the UC

Favorite season: Spring

Favorite Quote: “May the odds be ever in your favor!” –Hunger Games

What do you like most about the RA position? The thing I love most about the RA position is meeting new people and living with the people I enjoy spending time with. Not everyone gets to live with some of their greatest friends all the time. Every year I’ve been an RA, I have met so many new residents and other RAs that I can say have made an impact on my life. I also enjoy helping my residents grow in their involvement on campus. That’s probably the most rewarding part.

Other orgs you are involve in on campus? I am a member of the Alpha Sigma Sorority on campus, I am currently a member of Sigma Gamma Epsilon (environmental honors society), I am doing undergraduate research with a professor, and I’m a Teacher’s Assistant for a physical geography lab.