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Professional Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Invitational 2022 Image by Ubisoft

In light of Rainbow Six Invitational 2022, let’s discuss professional play, organization, and tips. Every team is different. What do I mean by this? Each team has a unique playstyle that is gained through playing to the advantage of their players and overall team synergy. That’s what makes it fun to watch! However, those teams have a basic structure. Professional teams have four major roles the players have to fill. This consists of an in game leader (IGL), support, entry, and flex. In game leader is the hardest role in my opinion. They have the responsibility for taking in information and then guiding the team to victory. The support role is often played by the IGL, but not always. The supports job is to drone in entries then breach reinforcements. These players often choose Thermite, Thatcher, or any operator that aids in breaching hard walls. Entry is a first contact role, normally being an Ash or Zofia to breach soft walls. The idea is to follow the supports drone to create space for your team to work with. The last major role is flex. Flex is a role where your operator choice is determined by what your team needs. Nomad, Finka, or even Osa would be my go to operators for a flex position. Most likely it will be an operator that aids in flank watch if it’s not specified otherwise. The job of flex is to switch between entry and support when aid is needed. If aid is not needed this player is often watching the team’s flank. Now that you know these positions, try looking for them in the teams at the Six Invitational.
Many top level players have crazy gunskill. However, only a small amount of the game requires good gunskill. More often it’s about being more organized than the other team. Game sense will always triumph over gunskill. It’s a battle of who can trade kills to keep the man advantage, know your map angles, operator counters, and utility usage. Being a professional is a lot of work, but it’s not an impossible goal.