Welcome to Public History at UW-Whitewater!

Thanks for visiting our class blog! This blog is being developed, created, and maintained by the students and faculty at UW-Whitewater. This space is designed to showcase Public History and how UW-Whitewater students are engaging in the field. Our university has many options for students interested in Public History. Students may choose to major in History with a Public History emphasis, complete a Public History certificate, or take public history courses.

Some background information on our degree and certificate programs:

  1. History Major with a Public History Emphasis (BA/BS): Basic degree requirements are available here. Just a quick note on some unique features of the Public History Emphasis: Students are required to take both History 202: Introduction to Public History and History 493: Public History Internship. Students are able to tailor their internships to meet the interests and needs.
  2. Public History Certificate: This is an extraordinary opportunity available to all students at UW-Whitewater. The requirements are available here. A quick note: This certificate is available to any student of any major. It’s a great way to take some courses outside of your major, get to know some new people, and add a great skillset!

History and Public History majors will be able to use their Public History Certificate to demonstrate to potential employers, supervisors and graduate programs that they have concrete skills in a specific area. Majors outside the history department – whether Art History majors interested in museum studies, media students interested in historical journalism or digital humanities, or other majors – will be able to broaden their employability to fields beyond their major focus (for example, an art history student will be able to claim training relevant to both art museums and history museums).

Thanks for stopping by and please let us know if you have any questions. Also, general information on the history department is available here.