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Week 4 – Facebook

It takes a village to find a phone.

Henry Jenkins on Transmedia is essentially about how he sees our media changing. Where previously it would take several large companies and layers of bureaucracy to not only make high-quality content but then publish it, both can now be done by one person. These new systems are so easy to publish on and widely accessible that anything can find a large audience and from that large audience, they can debate, take action, or remix such things. It also allows us to monitor one another more than ever before and hold each other accountable. The interview largely restates these ideas while allowing Jenkins to go into more detail. The video I added is called “The Enshitification of the Internet” and I believe it to be a natural progression of Henry Jenkins’s work. After having these tools for so long, companies, scammers, police departments, governments, etc. have utilized these tools to spread disinformation and essentially curb much of the effectiveness the early internet provided. YouTube itself is hardly accessible anymore as not only are you competing with everyone in your niche to be the best, but everyone on the platform.

A problem I have

Not particularly a problem I have had with this project but with others that are more up my personal alley, projects that I actually enjoy. I tend to take the requirements and then, instead of meeting them, attempt to exceed them so hard that the project becomes out of scope.