Sports News 3/17/21-3/24/21

UFC: This past weekend a middleweight fight between Derek Brunson and Kevin Holland took place. Brunson was ranking number 7 and Holland was ranked number 10 in the middleweight division. Going into this fight everyone kind of thought that Holland would win this fight because he was undefeated in 2020 with a 5-0 record during the year. Also, people thought that this would be a back and forth fight. But when this fight started Brunson dominated this fight by taking Holland to the ground every time and Holland didn’t know how to stop it. So Brunson won this fight via unanimous decision.  

NFL: Free agency is still underway and free agents continue to sign with teams and players are continuing to get released. Players that are getting released are Kyle Fuller who signed with the Broncos about 30 minutes after he was released. But players are still getting signed off the open market which include wide receiver Kenny Golladay and cornerback Adoree Jackson signing with the Giants, wide receiver signing with the Rams, running back Kanyan Drake signing with the Raiders and cornerback signing with the Bears. We also saw players re-sign with teams which include running back Chris Carson re-signing with the Seahawks and wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster re-signing with the Steelers.

NBA: Remember last week when I said there were a lot of injuries well that continues this week with LaMelo Ball fracturing his right wrist which will end his season. Ball was projected to win the rookie of the year award this year but that might not happen anymore since he’s out for the season. Not only that but LeBron James has a high ankle sprain which will force him out of the lineup for an extended period of time. Losing AD was huge but now losing LeBron is even worse for this team since the Lakers are only 2.5 games ahead of the 7th seed. This could reshape the playoffs that begin in May. It’s sad to see that Lakers great Elgin Baylor has passed away at the age of 86 of natural causes. This coming Thursday is the trade deadline and we could see Lonzo Ball, Kyle Lowry, Lauri Markkanen, Aaron Gordon, Victor Oladipo and many others traded by tomorrow (3/25).

2 thoughts on “Sports News 3/17/21-3/24/21

  1. I think JuJu staying with the Steelers was a good choice. He has played really good with them and with Big Bens era coming to an end I think JuJu would work well with a younger QB if they draft one. I wish the Bears got Russell Wilson! Bears post season has been so unbelievably bad.

  2. Those injuries in the NBA are killer. Then the Nets go and keep signing players that are all star caliber. It’s crazy because there time just gets more and more insane. This is the biggest super team we have ever seen. I kind of hope they don’t win because I think it could be bad for the league. If it works, all these guys will team up and then we will have like 3 good teams and the rest won’t even have a chance. Ball getting hurt really makes the ROY award wide open. I think a lot of guys could get it now. It’s the same with the MVP because a lot of the players that are in talks for it are hurt or are coming back soon. Giannis,Embiid, and Lebron have all been hurt recently.

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