Sports News 2/10/21-2/17/21

NBA: Today Wednesday February 17th its Michael Jordan 58th birthday. Also, Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin are sitting out until the Cavs and Pistons find a trade partner for them. This was pretty big news since these players are starters for their teams that play a lot of minutes.

UFC: This past weekend they had UFC 258 kamaru Usman vs Gilbert Burns for the Welterweight championship. Before this fight took place it was a great build up to this fight since they used to train with each other so they knew each other really well. But in the end Usman TKO’d Burns in the third round. After the fight the champion Usman called out Jorge Masvidal who he beat in his fight before Burns. Since that fight was suppose to be against Burns but he tested positive for Covid-19 so he had to back out of it. Since Burns backed out of the fight, Masvidal came in and fought Usman, but he eventually lost that fight. But after that fight Masvidal went on to say that he accepted the fight on six days noticed and wasn’t prepared for the fight. So Usman called him out to fight him so Masvidal can have a full training camp and fully pre pare for him.

NFL: This past week I found out that three time pro bowl wide receiver Vincent Jackson passed away at the age of 38 in Tampa, Florida. On January 11th he checked into a hotel in Tampa and stayed there until he passed away which was on February 15th. His family filed a missing person report on February 11th, but on the 12th authorities were able to find him at the hotel and canceled the report. When the news first came out about him passing away no one knew how he died so they had to get an autopsy. But today they announced that he suffered from chronic alcoholism and concussions.

One thought on “Sports News 2/10/21-2/17/21

  1. I think that Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond’s treatment has been pretty ridiculous. Why are they sitting out until a trade destination is found? I think that’s pretty unprofessional. They should be allowed to play if they want to. It’d be different if they didn’t want to play in the first place but the teams are sitting them out instead. I think players get mistreated in the league and it goes unnoticed. Draymond Green recently put the NBA on blast for treatment related to Blake and Andre in recent news. I think the NBA is a two way street. The players and management. Management shouldn’t hold all the power to run over players. That’s pretty messed up and a lot of the media twists things to make it seem like players are the only ones at fault. Also happy birthday to the GOAT Air Jordan

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