HawkTalk On The Edge

HawkTalk is a sports talk radio show on 91.7 The Edge. This is the student run radio station on the UW-Whitewater campus and HawkTalk is a student run show on The Edge.

The show opens, and everyone gets to say how their day has been going and the audience really gets to feel connected to the guests on the show. Creating a personal feel to the show.

Then the host updates the local Whitewater listeners on what is happening in the sports world on the Whitewater campus. The Warhawk Roundup updates fan on past games scores and upcoming games.

The rest of the show consists of the most recent professional and college level sports news. Anything from The Los Angeles Lakers, to the Green Bay Packers, to the Duke Blue Devil’s.

They ask for the opinions of the guests on all these topics. The guest, who are students, discuss and debate everything from scores to scandals. The topics cover a wide range of sports and stories.

HawkTalk has been incredibly popular on both sides of the microphone. Captivating audiences and helping students get experience on the mic.

“HawkTalk gives students, who possibly want to go into sports radio, an opportunity to try it out, see if it’s for them and get experience for future jobs,” says Tom Fuerst, radio music director.

And he’s right. Any student interested in sports radio can participate and get a feel for what they think they want to do with their lives. And that opportunity is priceless for students. It’s one thing to learn about radio shows and talk shows in a classroom, but it is another thing to actually get in a studio and participate.

“Being able to help these students get this experience is great, and what is even better is watching them grow from being really shy on day 1, and being extremely opinionated and I can’t shut them up 2 months later,” Connor Moore, sports director and frequent host of HalkTalk.