A Perfect Weekend for Apple Picking

On Saturday people from all over town took advantage of the nice weather to visit All Seasons Apple Orchard in Woodstock, Illinois.

All Seasons Apple Orchard had a successful weekend with people all over town gathering for some fall activities. From apple picking to shopping in the farm market, people are really starting to get into the Fall festivities. It was also their first weekend with their pumpkin patch open and ready for people to pick from.

“My boyfriend and I had a really nice date today, we picked a lot of apples and got a lot of desserts from their store,” said Woodstock resident Carley MacDonnell.

At the orchard people are able to go out and pick their own apples with their families and friends, or you can purchase a bag in their farm market that were picked by employees. The farm market also provides caramel apples and bake goods from the bakery right inside the farm market. There are many options when it comes to caramel apples in their store. You can have your classic plain apple or one covered in peanuts, but there are also some special ones. There are apples covered in sprinkles, chocolate, different types of candies and more.

“My family and I went to their store to pick up some fall treats and there were so many options to choose from,” said customer Lauren Nicholson

All Seasons Apple Orchard provides a lot of fun fall activities for people of all ages and are doing all of this safely with the current pandemic. Upon entry it is required customers wear masks and they make sure everything is sanitized and clean. They are also only allowing a specific number of customers in the orchard to help with social distancing.

For more information on all the activities All Seasons provides you can find one their website here: https://allseasonsorchard.com/ . You can skip the line and reserve your tickets and learn about all the fun activities you can do there.

All Seasons provides day to day updates on their Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/AllSeasonsAppleOrchard/ . They provide their updates on the orchard due to weather, capacity and new activities and events that are occurring that weekend.

With the temperatures finally dropping, Fall feels like it has finally arrived. All the activities that you can do at All Seasons Apple Orchard really is getting the town into the Fall spirit.