Ram Neupane

University of Wisconsin- Whitewater
Department of Mathematics
Laurentide Hall 2234
Whitewater, Wisconsin 53190
Email: neupaner@uww.edu


Ram Neupane graduated with a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Utah State University in January 2016.  His research interests focus on mathematical ecology and biology, applied mathematics, seed dispersal and the mathematics of invasion. Specifically, he is interested in modeling active seed dispersal and how dispersers affect tree population dynamics regarding growth, reproduction, and spread of populations over time.

His dissertation, “Modeling Seed Dispersal and Population Migration Given a Distribution of Seed Handling Times and Variable Dispersal Motility: Case Study for Pinyon and Juniper in Utah,” explores whether fruiting tree species can migrate rapidly enough to occupy potential new habitat. Furthermore, this work is also one of the few examples of multi-scale modeling techniques being applied in ecology. This work was published in Journal of Applied Mathematics and Journal of Theoretical Biology.

As a complement to his research, he has taught various math courses as a Lecturer at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and as an Instructor at Utah State University. He taught many undergraduate mathematics courses for seven years at Tribhuvan University in Nepal, where he also received his bachelor’s degree in math education and an MA in pure mathematics, followed by his MA in mathematics from the University of Louisville in 2009. In addition to his academic work, he enjoys listening to music and spending time with his family.

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