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Growing up I loved talking sports, no matter who it was whether it was my family or my OT teacher. The news that peaked my interest was sports news. From an early age I would read newspaper articles about the local teams in Wisconsin (Packers, Badgers Bucks Brewers.) But I have been keeping up with what is going on in Wisconsin on a political level as well. The story I am monitoring right now is MilwaukeeBucks have a star player named Giannis Antetokounmpo and in 2022 he can enter free agency which means he can go to any team he wants or he can sign the super-max extension. Which is a contract that could keep Giannis in Milwaukee for six more seasons.

I do follow news from my hometown, Fitchburg, WI. is a small town so not much scandal or exciting news happens in that area. I live ten minutes outside of Madison, WI. If you want a story, news is going to come out of Madison. This summer there were a lot stories that were written about Madison whether it was the month long protests of the aftermath of the George Floyd’s death (Floyd was a black man who was the victim of police brutality in Minnesota.) The second was the looting that went on as small businesses recovering from Covid-19, who dealt with their businesses being destroyed and trying to recover the damages their business has suffered.

The sites I visit on a regular basis are ESPN, Hoops Rumors MLBTradeRumors Youtube Google and Twitter. My favorite site is because I find a lot of news on that site and over the summer I subscribed to the ESPN+ account so it is the premium content that I would not see if I had a regular ESPN account. Furthermore, I play Fantasy Football and I pick sports games each day called Streak For The Cash where I could win $1,000 if I pick enough games correctly. Over the summer I watched sports documentaries so that was why I was excited to have the premium account.

I use Google to look someone up, I do not use Google for news sources but more so, if a person was famous I look them up to see what they are doing now. In addition, I will use search engines to see if news has happened and will read the articles connected to the news. When I consume news I read text and watch videos because news media is more opinionated now. I want to see what that person’s opinion is and if it matches with my opinion. I do watch videos but it depends how long the video is, if it is a seven-minute video I am unlikely to watch the whole video, if the video is 3-5 minutes I will watch the video. My favorite way to get news is by reading text because my attention span is short and I jump from website to website, so if an article piques my interest I will read the article.

When I look at the news I look at the comment sections but I do not interact with the audience because comment sections can be a dangerous place. Especially if you write an opinion that a person does not agree with. Furthermore, internet users care a lot about what strangers think and you won’t get someone to subscribe to your point of view and getting into fights with a stranger on the internet is a waste of time, so accept that not everyone will share your opinion.

Social media is the first place I go to get news because I can read the news I want in seconds and the websites are free. The stories I read are sports stories, I follow different reporter’s social media pages who are connect to that league. Twitter is the best source to find news because it is accurate most of the time and groundbreaking news is shared over Twitter. I follow my local sports teams to keep in the loop on what is happening in the sports world. In addition, their posts lead to articles written by writers who cover the team, I am interested to see what their take is on how the team is doing and what they need to improve.

I do read blogs my favorite website is Barstool Sports because they write good stories and the writers say whatever is on their mind which I find cool. To make sure the news is accurate I look at the source who is reporting the news. If a reporter has been wrong five times before then you cannot trust him anymore, or look at the information critically, question everything that was being written. Look at the text with a critical eye and critical mind.

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