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Charlie Beren gives all of us college students who have no idea what the hell we are doing hope, he came out of college during one of the hardest times financially in American History. My fellow classmates, we’ll be fine.

Charlie had an interesting come up as he attended the University of Wisconsin as a transfer student his sophomore year. At UW-Madison he graduated with a degree in journalism and geology.

In college, Charlie got his first break as he scored a job with MTV News ‘Choose or Lose’ in 2008. He was responsible for doing one video report a week and sometimes blog post.

As well as working for MTV, he covered protest and was eventually arrested probably due to his affiliation with MTV and the lack of respect they have as journalist. The cops took all of his equipment and when he finally got it back, everything was deleted.

Charlie decided it was time to move on as he felt complacent with his career so he packed up shop with all the money he had and moved to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, he did this during the recession so jobs and money was never promised.

He had little opportunities here and there as he worked as a red carpet host who dealt with the intermediate, low level celebrities, He didn’t like this and knew he needed to figure something out.

Don’t move to LA just to move to LA..

Charlie Beren

He moved to LA with a van and that subsequently started his career because he was responsible for moving camera equipment for a studio company. He learned how to use cameras and get familiar with how the equipment worked.

The reason that Charlie moved to LA in the first place was to merge his journalism skills with his entertainment skills. This gave him the chance to work for a news station who wanted to try out something new that involved comedy and news.

When this something they were trying out didn’t stick, this left Charlie at the station as a traditional Journalist. Although this wasn’t the path he envisioned, it ended up being a blessing in disguise.

As a traditional journalist, Charlie won an Emmy on his project ‘The Cost of Water.’ This feature came in 2013 and his success has been on the rise ever since.

His journalism skills along with his entertainment skill have led hi to ample opportunities. He does hundreds of tours year round to display show off his craft.

He has a show October 19th, come out if you can.

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