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As laid out in the Syllabus we will be posting marketing videos on this blog. It will require you review the video and make insightful comments. Please relate the video to the information we covered in class and your daily life.

The primary objective of this course is to introduce students to the world of marketing. In this regard, we will cover an extensive array of important marketing concepts. I am also interested in exposing students to strategic and tactical decision-making as well, important ingredients to being successful in the marketplace. Because students in this class come from different majors within and external to the College of Business and Economics, I will make every effort to link marketing to a wide-range of disciplines. In reality, marketing impacts our lives every day as consumers plus each of you will need to “market” yourself to get a job! Lastly, my personal objective is for you to have fun like posting in this blog. As such, and as you will see, I have included many different types of learning exercises and am utilizing multiple forms of media/technologies, including embedded videos, this class Blog, and in class exercises,  Enjoy!!!!

Question: Why does the Buick Century have that name?

Answer: Because that’s the average age of the car’s owners. 🙂 

For decades, Buick was positioned for older customers. Though the above joke was an exaggeration, Buick’s reputation as an old man’s car was widely held for many years. As of May 2022, Statista reports that Buick has a higher share of 50-64 year old’s than other car makers.

After narrowly escaping the brand’s end altogether, the company is now building on success in the Chinese market to try and attract a new target market here in the U.S.

Who are these customers based on the links below to the recent ads? Using ideas reviewed in the book related to demographics and lifestyles, how has GM segmented the market, what target have they picked for Buick, and how are they positioning themselves for that target market?

Please post in 150-300 words what segmentation and targeting decisions Buick seems to have made, and provide a brief description of the positioning that they’re presenting for this market. Who does the target market appear to be? What kind of marketing vehicles (TV, Radio, Social Media, Mobile, Events…..) would you use now to reach the target audience?  Why do you think this would work? March 5th before 11:30 pm worth 10 points

Watch video’s below before writing the paper 

Recent ads:

Quick video about a possible logo change:


A longer video about Buick’s history and its power in the Chinese market:

PLEASE NOTE:  This discussion IS NOT about whether you’d buy a diamond online.  While that is an interesting topic, it is not relevant to this exercise, and I will delete posts focused on that issue.  It is the consumer decision process — not online buying– that is the topic we’re considering here.

Buying a diamond is, for most folks, a high-involvement purchase that requires an extensive decision process. The Blue Nile is an online diamond seller that has designed its website to take account of the likely needs that customers will encounter as they select a stone. Visit the site at www.bluenile.com and watch the commercial then look carefully at the many features on the site. For the purposes of this exercise, imagine that you have decided to buy an engagement ring. You think you want to spend $2,500 for the diamond itself– but that figure is somewhat negotiable (after all, who can put a price on love?)  When you write your post, consider exactly how specific features on the site allow you, as the prospective buyer, to move through the decision-making process outlined in Exhibit 6.1 on p. 176 of your text. In your post, you should NOT get involved in whether or not you’d actually buy online, or the relative advantages of offline vs. online–I will delete such posts since they will be off-topic.  The purpose of this exercise is to consider how a marketer needs to meet the needs of a consumer at each of the steps of the decision process. So pick ONE of the steps shown in the figure on p. 176 and consider how SPECIFIC content on the Blue Nile meets the need you’d have at that stage.  Please do NOT discuss site layout or navigation — while they are important topics, they are not sufficiently related to the decision model to “count” for this discussion, and I will delete posts related to such issues.

150-word post, well written, Due Feb 19th, 2023

As part of our lecture on marketing strategy and plans a key element of the marketing process is conducting a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats analysis). This week we will look at Levi’s marketing strategy. You should also visit Levi’s Website and watch this video before posting on the blog.

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How many ads do you see in a day:

  • Count the number of ads you see the next two days, keep a diary. Take it everywhere you go and keep track of the number of ads you see.
  • Organize by:
    • TV #
    • Radio #
    • Print #
    • Online #
    • Social Media#
    • Billboards#
    • In-store#.
    • Packages#
    • Needs to total at least 50.
  • How long did it take until you reached 50?
  • List the top three ads you remember and why?

One Original Post (150-200 words) worth 10 points. Needs to be insightful, well written, and related to your own experience to get full credit.

Please note the name of your instructor and the MKT 311 section you are in on the first line of your post. Several classes will be using this blog.                 Due January 29th, 11:30 pm.