Bucks get Hosed by the Worst Ref in the NBA Ashley Moyer

The Bucks lost in OT by a last second foul call by Ashley Moyer. As a Bucks fan I was extremely mad and as an NBA fan it is absolutely terrible for the league. This ref wrecked a game of the year candidate because she doesn’t know how to ref. It is time after time with this official. The entire NBA word knows she sucks. I truly don’t understand how she has a job in the NBA. I really don’t know if she could ref 6th graders. Donte gets shoved down right in front of her face and she calls nothing and the Suns take the lead. Middleton hits a 3 right back to tie the game. Then she calls a phantom foul on PJ Tucker because she doesn’t know the game of basketball. Adam Silver is a complete bum for hiring this ref and not suspending her. The NBA keeps losing viewers and this league is headed in the wrong direction. That is a play that needs to be reviewed. I have never seen a worse call in the NBA. She choked, she cheated, or she doesn’t know how to ref. It is one of the 3.

“I don’t think anybody was arguing that it was a foul or not,” Booker said. “I think they were seeing if the foul happened before or after the horn. It was a smack across the wrist that was very loud. The ref made the right call.” Booker is a straight clown for saying this. Of course he is going to say that but anybody with eyes and ears saw it. There is not one person who will back up the call unless you’re a a delusional Suns fan. If that happened and it went the Bucks way. I would be happy because we won, but a call like that is borderline cheating.

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