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I am interested in various different news when it comes to either national or international. However, a problem that arises when media outlets talk about international news is whether it’s accurate or not. On state and local levels it’s easier to gauge what is really happening because you have an idea of what is going on around you. For example, my hometown has a population of less than 3,000 people, so not a lot of breaking newsworthy stories around there. If there was something worth watching or reading about you’d either hear about it online through social media or your friends.

I’m really not one to actually read news articles online or even watch the news on t.v. because they don’t really interest me. Although, I do have a small interest in reading about unsolved murders and cases of that sort, but when it comes to that I just search for it on google.com, no particular site comes to mind when I want that sort of information. The majority of the time though, I’m watching a YouTube video on someone talking about the unsolved case. I have a bad habit of not being able to sit still or comprehend when reading, I get distracted way too easily, so I just pull up a YouTube video and it goes in much smoother. 

Other than YouTube videos, a lot of my information comes from social media. Don’t get me wrong, I know that’s not the most accurate way to get my information. I’m  well aware, but when I do I make sure to either read more about it or search up a video. I don’t normally comment, but most of the time when someone does post something with false information or assumptions, I can’t help but reply with a comment to correct them. Twitter is also very good at sharing information around the world. They often come up with links and sources for readers to fact check the post. There are still people around where not even sources are enough to convince them. My twitter is definitely more on the liberal side of things, so getting information on the opposing side requires a little more effort as I have to search and look for it rather than just scroll through my timeline.

A lot of the time though, there are what people call, “internet trolls.” They can range from people who are just being rude on comments to actually posting false information to have it spread. There was one time on Halloween that I read this post about this guy going to a tall story haunted house and that if you made it all the way through you received your money back. It looked like a fun time and I was convinced it was something I wanted to do one day. Finally, I did some digging and I figured out that the haunted house wasn’t even a real thing. This wasn’t a very big deal so it didn’t really upset me, but the troll really got me and all he had to do was make a convincing post about it.

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