My digital self!

    A lot of the news that I consume and enjoy are normally entertainment news sources or crime news sources worldwide. I use ETOnline or look on ABC News for most of my news. If I ever want to check on a news story or catch up on what’s going on, I normally watch ABC News with my grandmother or check their website. Currently, I have been following the case of Gabby Petito, a woman who went missing on a trip around the country with her fiance. I don’t normally follow any news from my hometown unless something drastic happens and is posted on social media. If I do want to find a news story in my hometown, I follow the local newspaper and the newspaper’s website. I will sometimes watch the channel 12 news with my grandmother when I want to know what is happening in Wisconsin. My favorite news site to check on daily is Buzzfeed News. Although Buzzfeed is mostly known for its quizzes and goofy videos, I enjoy checking on their news site every so often. They always keep me entertained and give me information at the same time. If I ever have a specific question about news, I normally just look on Google and click the first or second link to a credible news site. I mostly consume my news through videos, audio reports, and text. I find that watching videos about news keeps me more entertained and invested in the content. If I’m reading something, I get distracted easily and can’t focus very well, so having videos on content helps me a lot. Watching news videos is definitely my go to format for consuming news. I don’t normally interact with very many news articles and I don’t think I have ever left a comment on a news article. I’ve never been near any valuable news stories to send in pictures or get interviewed about. In high school, I was a part of a news talk show that provided entertainment and information about our town. I had to interview a lot of people and get information from several news sites. Most social media leads me straight to the news stories I find. Aside from googling news, social media is my main source of news media. As I mentioned before, I normally find out about important local news stories through somebody posting about them on social media. I have found most of my local news stories on Facebook from friends posting them. I have a Twitter account, but mostly use it to follow my favorite bands and artists, and check on what’s trending. When I want to check if a news source or article is reliable and credible, I normally check if other sites were cited in the article and if the grammar and spelling is correct. If I find a news source on Facebook, I always make sure to check it more thoroughly to make sure if it’s an actual news source. Most days, media is tricky when it comes to reliability and credibility. 

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