My Time in the Iron Paradise

Week one:

This week, I decide to tackle the health trend of working out. Obviously, working out is recommended by nearly every health professional as a beneficial way to take care of the human body on a physical and mental level. I am one to hit the gym every now and then, but this week, I decided to work out on an extreme level for a total of six times this week. I decided that I should hit the weights for four of the sessions and then just cardio, like running or stairs, for the other two.  

1. What was the biggest change/effects I noticed?

            The biggest change I saw was the fatigue. I normally work out a few times a week, but to only have one rest day in the week…..ew. I found myself having less energy to do homework or get out of bed in the mornings, but it did make my sleep so much more restful. This fatigue came into full swing at towards the end of the week, but I noticed that after my day off, I was looking forward to going back to the gym.

2. What were minor changes/effects that occurred throughout the week?

            I gotta say, my favorite minor change was the increase in appetite. I made sure to weigh-in before workouts to track any change in weight. I found that I was able to eat slightly more, especially on a day I was doing cardio, with no weight change. When I would fall asleep at night, I woke up feeling so much more refreshed than I normally would. My body would crave rest, use it better, value it more.

3. Was this health habit enjoyable?

            I personally thought this habit was enjoyable to do. There is a community at the gym that is not as intimidating as people think. Many times, people feel like the “big guys” at the gym are really mean, but many times, they are some of the nicest people who are just enjoying a hobby. The release of endorphins that comes along with working out was the best part.

4. How can this health habit sustainable in the long term?

            This is definitely a sustainable habit for the determined, but it requires time management. Making time to walk to the gym, work out, walk back, and then shower is normally taking an hour and a half minimum. Taking six days a week to dedicate to working out is definitively not sustainable for everyone. I would say the number one thing for working out, other than eating something that will sustain you, is to have the right attitude or a goal in mind. Working out for the sake of being active does not work for most people. Like many things in life, there has to be something to strive for. I believe this is why most people fail at continually going to the gym. They don’t choose a goal that is:

            A. not right for them   


            B. unrealistic

I did enjoy my time exploring this habit more and this is one I think I will continue a little while longer. It requires a bit of discipline, but adding in a workout buddy can help tremendously. Although I don’t think I was fully prepared to take this challenge on, sometimes you have to just grit your teeth, suck it up, and power through.


Ready or not,

Life Willkomm

3 thoughts on “My Time in the Iron Paradise

  1. Ian Dunn says:

    I have been trying to workout myself and agree that finding the time and motivation to do is can be hard. Having to travel to the gym is definitely not for me. Its an obstetrical i struggle with. I found that working out in my room though does work since it takes out the hardest part for me; getting out the door.

  2. Lucas Birch says:

    I found the rest part of this week’s blog the most relatable. It is so important to set aside the right amount of rest every day. What I noticed was my body would physically be telling me to sleep, so I would sleep!

  3. Zuri says:

    I love that you were realistic! Most people won’t talk about how hard it is to keep this routine, it is tiring and that you tackled this by showing that it can be done but defnitely needs management. I also like that you touched on how goals are differnt for everyone and you need to have something motivating you to keep it going.

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