Hi guys and welcome back! One thing I have always lived by is faking it as you go. I grew up as a huge competition dancer and this is one quote my dance teachers always used. Personally, faking it as I go always with pain and smiling through pain to make it look easy. Faking it in dance was also always trying to pretend you were okay when you weren’t. Getting yelled at was a big part of every single day and you always had to hold back the tears and smile. As Abby Miller once said “Save your tears for your pillow”. And let me tell you this was true where I danced also. I feel like this really connects to life also. Smiling through life and acting like you have it all put together is key to making yourself feel confident and making it look like you have your sh*t together. I think this really goes to such an extent but when it comes to work, trying to get a job and being successful I feel like faking it can really help you succeed. One thing employers look for is confidence, making yourself look like you have it together is key. It is very hard especially when you are stressed out but, it can really help in the workforce. So, with that be said I don’t think this should be used all the time. I love this tip but you could really stress and tear yourself down if you use it too often. Faking it as you go comes to an extent. When you are home alone let your feelings go, journal and write them out, talk to your close friends and family about your problems. But, hold it together in those interviews and make it look like the bad b*tch you already are!

Weekly Shoutout: Myself; I have been having a really hard week mently and physically on myself. I am not one to talk about my problems to people so I feel like my blog is a little avenue to let some things out. This week is definitely a “fake it till you make it” type of week. I would like to applaud all of us going through these stressful times with online schooling and trying to find jobs in the middle of a pandemic. I know a lot of us are working really hard and I think we need to keep our heads up and kick ass. We are all doing a lot better than we think we are.


  • Savannah Bertram

    Hi Lissie!

    All I have to do every week is read the title to your blogs and I’m already like – yes girl! Great topic! I think faking being confident is where confidence comes from. Hell yeah girl – give that shout-out to yourself! We all deserve a spring break by now but unfortunately, we have to wait a few more weeks. Keep on keep oning. Great post! I’ll be back next week!

  • Madison Sabel

    AMAZING blog post! I was also a competitive dancer for a good portion of my life. In dance there is a lot of mentally tolling things that occur. There’s no time or excuses you can come up with to explain the pain or emotions you may be feeling. While being a dancer damaged me mentally, it taught me how to fake confidence in the toughest times. I completely agree and relate to your post!!

  • Adeline Edwards

    Hi Lissie! I liked your post this week. I definitely think that faking it until you make it is really important. If you don’t, you can come off as unable to adapt and adjust quickly which can be detrimental in a job or just in general in life. Great post!

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