91.7 the Virtual Edge Meeting

91.7 The Edge WSUW hosted its first virtual all staff meeting on September 22, to go over the new policies to keep students safe and College Radio day announcements.  

The meeting was hosted online, over Webex, where practicum students got to meet the head staff, as well as choose their radio time.  Danielle Gukich, Manager of 91.7 The Edge, talked about the new policies to keep everyone safe this year, “It’s important for all of us to keep not only yourself safe, but others as well.” 

With Covid-19 pandemic, some techniques have changed at the Edge including, two student policies in the office, mic covers for the microphones, and wipes included in the office.  The head staff has also been working on new inclusion in the office, such as plexiglass.

Danielle Gukich said, “It’s important that all students and staff follow our new policies so we can stop the spread of Covid-19.”

After the policies were discussed and tech shifts were given out, the students got to meet the staff and choose what committee they would like to join, such as news, sports, programming, graphics, exct. 

Sam Matheny, Assistant Sports Director, said “It’s so cool to get new students who come in and want to learn more about radio. Every semester I get to meet more new people and get to make new friends.”

Each committee broke away to smaller groups to discuss their expectations for the students.  Every committee member must have a minimum of 20 hours for the committee and one big hour for the large group.

Lastly, Professor. Brian Lucas, talked about the upcoming events The Edge has planned for College Radio Day which is on Friday October 2.  Professor Lucas said, “It’s important for us to get involved here at radio, and show what The Edge has to offer.”

Different online events will be hosted by 91.7 The Edge such as a Social Media takeover by the staff.  Ali Berg, Promotion Director, said “ The Edge is such a great place to get to know people in the Communication Department.  We are really looking forward to this semester!”  

91.7 The Edge WSUW Facebook and website has more information available concerning College Radio day and the Covid-19 operations.