Week of April 24 – Class Reflection (Blog 11)

This class has provided me with a multitude of new perspectives regarding new communication technologies that I did not possess before. I’ve analyzed debates surrounding whether or not technology influences society, or the other way around. I’ve also learned that there are many more opportunities for online social interaction that I had never utilized myself, though I had previously believed I was more experienced in digital networking as a digital native, rather than a digital immigrant. I learned the most in this course through our daily discussions as a class and while working on group projects. The assigned articles we had to read online for homework certainly helped provide a foundation for our lecture and discussion in the following class, but most of my understanding and comprehension of the material and other peoples’ perspectives came from listening to other classmates’ interpretation of each articles’ messages. The blogging aspect of this class also helped with putting my understanding of course content into my own words (which I have always struggled with). If I could have changed anything about this class, I would have enjoyed having even more group projects. I think working in our small groups helped ensure that people actually read the assigned articles and brainstorm new perspectives to present to the of class. One thing that I think should remain in this course is the feature story project. As a Communication (Electronic Media) major, I really enjoyed conducting audio and video interviews, and found my responses and analysis really helped lay a solid foundation for my final research paper. I also believed the project significantly added to my overall understanding and enjoyment of the course. I would certainly recommend COMM 440 and Professor Wachanga to other classmates in the future, and I look forward to taking Media Ethics with Wachanga next Fall.

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