Fear for the Deer…

The Milwaukee Bucks are facing several big obstacles coming up on the end of their season. Their game against the Rockets last night did them no favors. Unfortunately, this is probably not going to be a ‘Bucks in Six’ year.

The Rockets came into this game with a 50-13 record, and a 16 game winning streak (sheesh…). The Bucks are 7th in the eastern conference as of March 8th, which is okay to try and get into playoffs, but it’ll be a tough run. The Rockets ran the court in this game like a well-oiled machine. No one can say they didn’t earn it. Rockets kept the lead for the game’s entirety, and had great defensive strategy playing against some of the Bucks’s superstars like¬†Antetokounmpo and Middleton. The real show-stopper in this game: James Harden’s beard. Not so much James Harden, he played okay, but the beard won this game.

Besides the beard, I had the opportunity to sit next to a man who grew up on the outskirts of Greece. This was his first-ever Bucks game. He was facinated by Giannis (the Greek Freak) Antetokounmpo and wanted to know more about him. I immediately took it upon myself to stalk the crap out of The Greek Freak online, and was surprised by what I found.

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Make America Golf Again

I know very few serious golfers. Most of them are retired, or just don’t have a full-time job. They play this sport for leisure or they play for money.

I do not have a full-time job right now, and I don’t golf unless someone drags me to the green (this has happened). I know I guy with a full-time job though. His name is Donald Trump. I like to call him Donny-boy. Donny-boy loves to golf and somehow, even with his full-time job, finds time to golf. Applause all around.

Donny-boy has found 95 days to golf in the past year. This is amazing! If he were to keep his current position as long as eight years, he could golf 760 times! This beats Obama’s days golfing by 340 outings. Dang Donny-boy!

Donny-boy is obviously a great multi-tasker. But I’m wondering, is he any good at golf?

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Skydive like a spy… facts & fiction

You feel your tandem jumper on your back as you both shuffle to the wide-open door of the tiny airplane. The wind is deafening, but you can still hear your instructor telling you that they’ll tap your shoulders when they pull the chute.

“What!?” you say. Forget about the chute, you don’t need the chute if you are staying in the plane.

You feel your feet involuntarily moving toward that gaping hole in the plane. You can’t hear the instructor anymore as you grip your straps, tightly. Next thing you know, the air around the plane sucks you out, and you are falling. For the brief moment before you start flipping, you see the plane above you as though it was a boat, and you were under the water. Then you look down at your feet. There is nothing but blue sky beneath you. This is confusing. Then you flip around again, and the ground is right where you left it (more menacing than ever though).

When spies skydive in the movies, they control their fall, they speak to others, and they have extreme accuracy with where they are landing. Not only is this incredibly difficult, but inaccurate. Skydiving is so much harder than that. I am a very inexperienced skydiver, but seriously, the movies set me up for some unrealistic expectations on my first time jumping. Spys, soldiers who are trained jumpers, and professional skydivers are basically superhuman and should be treated with the upmost respect at all times.

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