Introduction (Post 1)

Hello “Regular Teaching Blog” readers,

As you may know this first post is for introductory purposes only, that is to give anyone reading this blog an idea as to who I am, and what my intentions are regarding my education as it pertains to my future career and so on. That being said, my name is Jordan Raymond I am currently 22 and spend most of my time either doing school work or working at my job. Any free time I have left is spent studying, or engaging in my hobbies involving exercising and music. Since first moving to Whitewater and enrolling at the university here I have graduated from UW-Whitewater with a degree in Psychology and have since returned in order to obtain a Secondary Education degree in Social Studies with an emphasis in Psychology. If I am able to follow my course schedule as I have planned it including passing all the tests required in two short years I’ll be a licensed teacher in Wisconsin and ready to teach high school the following school year. Now, why did I chose to pursue teaching high school social studies as oppose to any alternatives? When I decided to pursue this career path I had a lot of time to think about which subjects I wanted to teach as well as age group and high school social studies seemed to be the clear answer. With my true academic passion being Psychology and Philosophy I have always gravitated towards the social studies discipline. When you include minor interests in political science, and economics of course social studies was the obvious fit. As for choosing the age group the obvious answer would be that Psychology is only offered at the high school level so that easily guided my decision. However, another reason I chose high school as my path is though I get along great with kids when thinking about running a classroom I found that teaching the younger ages to be less stimulating intellectually. When I teach these concepts to my students I want to be able to have an intellectual discussion as to their thoughts on these topics which I feel like I would not be able to have when teaching younger students. In conclusion this briefly summarizes who I am and why I have chosen the educational path that I have.

Thank you for reading.

Jordan Raymond