Online social shopping has changed greatly

The online social shopping experience is something that picked up in the blink of an eye. Just five years ago, I had never even attempted to buy anything online. Just thinking about how much online shopping I do, that fact is incredible to me now.

After never buying anything online, now all I hear about is people buying stuff online all the time. It has grown through word of mouth marketing and the fact that you don’t even have to leave your home. The revolutionary concept would’ve been even more foreign to anyone thinking about internet’s earliest adoptions with dial-up.

The speed and functionality of the online shopping experience makes it easy to be used in different forms of social media as well. Online shopping has been stream-lined by both Facebook and Twitter, the two social media accounts I use the most. Everywhere you go through the Twitter timeline or Facebook feed, you see both ads for products or people talking about how much they love something that they bought online.

Any time you look back and reflect on how much things have changed over time, you can easily get amazed by how far we have come. Seeing online marketing ploys and ads from both people’s personal social media accounts is still crazy to me.

Watching technology move so fast to make companies that don’t have phone or tablet apps to buy their products is incredible. Now near the bottom of the ads that usually shows the company website, the symbol for the ap store or google play is there instead to show that the company has its own app.

The online social shopping experience is an incredibly fast-paced changing mechanism that has grown up right before our eyes. Reflecting on how it has changed was crazy to think about.

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