Hello everyone, I am Ricardo Aguilar, a student here at UW-Whitewater. Right now I am currently in Journalism 347, Journalism for the Web, which is why this page exists. I an currently finding this very interesting as I don’t really post anything myself, I just observe the web. Most of my own reporting is done through the camera, such as a show I did from last semester The World Today on UWW-TV.

I find interest in video, gaining information and telling others what I know so that they know too. It’s a nice feeling, that. Because of this I do browse a variety of sites to confirm my information or to seek other viewpoints. One of my favorite sites to get started on research has to be the BBC. Having a roommate who also checks the news helps too.

For hobbies, I enjoy video games, watching YouTube, attempting to write something creative and coherent, being confusing to my friends, and eating.

As this is my final year I notice that time is starting to feel both long and fast. It’s a strange sensation, however it does make me look forward to what’s in store for me and the opportunities that may arise. In regards to this blog, I do hope that everything goes well and that you all enjoy my content. Until then!