Interim Chancellor Greg Cook via Zoom

“We are a community at UW – Whitewater and just want to keep everyone safe.”

Interim Chancellor Greg Cook

By. Olivia Maier

September 25, 2020

As the coronavirus continues to affect students at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, Interim Chancellor Cook had a debrief via zoom Thursday.

Since the start of the school year, the University has taken every step of precaution to protect it’s students and staff. Providing safety kits and hybrid learning to limit the spread of coronavirus on campus. The numbers continue to rise in Whitewater and the cabinet at the university offer their time to answer questions from students and the community. 

“Our antigen test that we have been running has been giving us a 5 percent positivity rate in our resident halls” stated Interim Chancellor Cook.

Random students living on campus have been selected to participate in this antigen test. An antigen test is where the blood is screened looking for the antibody of COVID-19. Since the week of September 20 there were 43 positive cases of coronavirus but the numbers have not been updated since then.

Whitewater provides a COVID-19 dashboard where it is updated on a regular basis with all different COVID information. Almost anyone who knows how to access the internet can access this information. 

Concerns have been raised because there have been rumors of students that test positive are encouraged to go home. Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs, Artanya Wesley reinstates, 

“We have been encouraging students to stay on campus when they test positive because we have the appropriate set up in Clem hall. Hot meals are provided and we are making sure they are being taken care of.” Wesley continues, “Nobody likes to be isolated for two weeks let alone a dorm room, but this is a global pandemic and we are doing what we can to keep everyone safe.”

Students that have been assigned to Clem hall are being taken care of as if it wasn’t quarantine. Some accommodations that students in Clem hall have are a staff member on call,  fun programs and wellness checks.  

The cabinet that the Chancellor works with also reinstated that where a student tests positive, is where they should quarantine. Whether that be at home or on campus. 

At the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater Interim Chancellor Greg Cook hopes that students and staff think about their Whitewater community when out in public. The ultimate goal of this fall semester is to make it to November 20 without having to go virtual any earlier. 

For access to the full Chancellor Chat, click here.

For direct access to the COVID-19 dashboard, click here.

Milkmen mascot Bo Vine

Sunday, September 6, 2020

If you read my about me page, you may have passed over that I interned for a team called the Milwaukee Milkmen. Now you still may be wondering, who are the Milkmen? They are a professional baseball team located in Franklin, WI which is 25 minutes west of the city of Milwaukee. The Milkmen compete in the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball. None of the twelve teams are associated with any major league team but players in this league bounce back and forth from the big league. Last summer the Milkmen joined the AA playing at a brand new stadium in front of a very excited fan base. Sadly, their first season wasn’t a very big success as the team went 38-62 landing themselves in last place. Due to COVID-19, the organization wasn’t sure if the 2020 season was going to happen. Luckily the AA was able to pull half the teams in cities that were allowed to play at the time, to have a crunched season. What is unique about this season is that since half the teams in the league aren’t playing, the playing half of the league had a draft for the other players. So ultimately between the six teams, they were all loaded with some of the best players in the league. It was full steam ahead from there to play 60 games from July to the beginning of September with having every Monday off. So July 3rd was opening day for the Milkmen as they faced their rival the Chicago Dogs for the first of many rubber matches. 

Attached below the picture is some of their social media sites for more information about the Milkmen! Feel free to leave questions or comments below!

Franklin Field in Franklin, WI