A series of monoliths have popped up around the world, from Utah to the Netherlands, with no clear point of origin.

To make 2020 an even stranger year, monoliths of unclear origins have been popping up all around the world. These monoliths have popped up in Utah, Romania, California, and most recently, the Netherlands. 

The first monolith popped up in Utah on Nov. 18. It was discovered by a member of the crew of a Utah Department of Public Safety Aero Bureau helicopter while making rounds counting sheep. They found the 12 foot tall monolith installed with no clear point of entry or indication of how it had gotten there. 

Though there is no clear indication of how it could’ve gotten there, reports from Google Earth show that the structure appeared from a time between Aug. 2015 to Oct. 2016, though it is not confirmed. 

The monolith was removed on Nov. 27. At the time, no one was quite sure who removed it, until Youtuber Andy Lewis posted a 23 second clip claiming to show himself and a team dismantling the monolith. They removed the monolith due to a fear that people would ruin the native Utah land in an attempt to find the Monolith and publicize it. 

“We removed the Utah Monolith because there are clear precedents for how we share and standardize the use of our public lands, natural wildlife, native plants, fresh water sources, and human impacts upon them,” said Andy Lewis and Sylvan Christensen in a statement to Grit Daily

The story gets stranger when the exact day Lewis and his team removed the Utah monolith, a second one appeared, this time in Romania. Though the structures were similar, the monolith in Utah was smooth, while the one in Bacta Doamnei was covered in circles. 

This monolith disappeared on Dec. 1, with no person claiming to have removed the structure. 

A day later, a third monolith appeared in California, specifically on the top of Pine Mountain in Atascadero, CA. 

Once again, the origins of the monolith were unclear. In fact, a hiker from the day before told the local news station in Atascadero that he’d not noticed the monolith during his trek on the mountain. 

Though it has not been reported that the Monolith in California has disappeared, the most recent report has said that another one has popped up in the Netherlands, “covered in ice and a pool of water,” according to local reports in the location. 

This makes the fourth structure of unclear origins. 

It could be a prank, or it could be something else entirely, but one thing is for sure. 2020 is just full of strange activity that could fill the entire decade.