Lizzy the Hypnotist has Down Under Hooked

A free hypnotist performance on February 21st, made Whitewater students jump out of their seats in astonishment.

The hypnotist, Lizzy, performed in the James R. University Center’s Down Under on Thursday to entertain students of the amazing power and creativity of the human mind. The show was free for students to watch and participate in.

At the start of the show, Lizzy had the audience partake in an exercise to observe the students most influenced by her hypnosis. The individuals most affected the exercise joined the hypnotist on stage and sat side by side.

Throughout the event, the entranced students on stage obeyed every single one of Lizzy’s directions. The audience watched in shock as the seemingly asleep peers followed commands as instructed.

Perhaps the greatest trick of Lizzy’s show, was her ability to put participants to sleep at her will. Each time a student slumped over in their chair, the crowd responded in an uproar of excitement and confusion.

Intrigued event viewer, Brynn Wichman said, “It is so scary to watch but also so interesting! I wonder if they know what is happening or if they feel like this is just a dream.”

Another student who was astounded by Lizzy’s performance, Aryce Huffman said, “This is too much! She has to be a real wizard or something. This is basically magic!”

However, a show such as this one may have viewers that are not as impressed.

Connor Peterson, another attendee of the show said, “I do not know how much I believe all of this. It seems fake to me. They are all probably just pretending. I do not understand why everyone is getting so worked up over this.”

At one point in the show Lizzy pointed out several students amongst the audience who had slipped under her hypnosis unintentionally. She told the crowd to not bother these individuals, so that they can also join in on the fun.

At the end of her performance, one girl was instructed to shout, “Romeo, Romeo! Where are you Romeo?” after the word “Lizzy” is spoken.

Another member of the audience was told to respond to the girl’s question with, “Here I am baby! Come and get me!” The two students then ran into each other’s arms for an embrace for the show’s conclusion.

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